Current Affairs is a short course which focusses on real-life topics and authentic English.

It is for students who already have a firm foundation of English and the course helps students to communicate about real life topics and issues in the world today. 

Every lesson is different and specifically designed by the British Council in Korea (no text book) and the lessons use authentic and semi-authentic materials taken from such places as British and International newspapers, websites or video clips.

The course helps you to improve your knowledge and understanding of contemporary and modern Western society and is useful for those working in an English speaking company or those who have an interest in learning about other Cultures.

Each lesson is 90 minutes long and includes:

  • A focus on a real-life topic.
  • Communication about a real-life topic.
  • A focus on real-life language.
  • A focus on reading or listening skills. 
  • An opportunity for you to critically think about a topic.
  • Builds your confidence to talk about certain topics.

What are customers say? 

"It has been wonderful to participate in Current Affairs classes so far. The variety of topics has helped me to expand my knowledge"

"Couldn’t be better, I appreciate the teachers’ efforts"

"I really like the focus on authentic materials."

*taken from feedback on Current Affairs in February

Course information

  • Levels

    • Upper Intermediate
    • Advanced
  • Course format

    • One month (4 times per month)
    • 90 minutes
    • Capacity: 12
  • Course locations

    • Euljiro Centre
    • Gangnam Centre
    • Jamsil Centre
  • Price

    260,000 won per 4-week class

Current Affairs

Level Centre Day And Time
Upper Intermediate and Advanced Euljiro  (W/F) 07.00–08.30
(Sat) 10.00–13.15
Gangnam, Jamsil (Sat) 10.00–13.15