myClass is a flexible English course which allows you to be in control of your learning. Lessons cover a wide range of topics including workplace and everyday communication. Based on your schedule and preferences, you can choose the lesson day, time, location, teacher, and topic that best suit your needs.

Our course is taught 100% face-to-face by our professional teachers with the aim of activating the language you already have, and building upon it by learning new language. In your learning journey with myClass, you will take an active role in every lesson and engage in practical real-life tasks. You will be able to use what you have learnt and communicate effectively so as to reach your goals with confidence.

You can start almost immediately, contact us to register. Book a level assessment and consultation or contact us now.

How myClass helps you progress

In Control

  • Take direction of your learning
  • Take lessons at days and times that match your busy schedule
  • Choose lessons and topics relevant to your needs
  • Select from up to 132 topics focusing on workplace, social, cultural, and academic English with clear, real-life aims for every lesson
  • Book and manage your lessons easily via our online booking system (OBS)
  • Enjoy support from our professional student care team who will guide you in setting your goals

Activation of Language

  • Take what you know, learn some more, and start using it
  • Take part in real-life tasks such as discussions, meetings, and presentations
  • Extend your language range with a focus on key functional language across a broad range of situations
  • Develop your pronunciation, giving you the skills you need to be clearly understood in communication
  • Receive constructive feedback from our teachers, with regular in-class assessments measuring your progress against your learning outcomes 
  • See the progress you are making, and put new language into immediate use

Reaching Goals

  • Build the confidence you need to reach your goals
  • All lessons are 100% face-to-face with our professional and enthusiastic teachers
  • Develop your intercultural awareness and understanding through engaging with students from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Share positive experiences in a fully inclusive environment, building your social and professional networks

Course information

  • Course Level

    • Pre-intermediate
    • Intermediate
    • Upper Intermediate
  • Course Schedule and Format

    • No fixed lesson schedule
    • Classes available seven days a week, from morning till evening
    • You can choose the lesson day and time that best suit your schedule
  • Course Package

    • 40 package: 40 lessons for 5 months
    • 80 package: 80 lessons for 10 months

    ※ Fee for myClass 40 package is 388,000 KRW per month. Discounts are currently available, so find out more by contacting the centre you would like to register.

  • Course Locations


Choose the lessons that will get you ahead in life. Whether you are looking for a job, or aiming to improve your ability to use English in the workplace, there is a clear path to English success in your area of business.

Sample topics:

Handle meetings with confidence

  • Meetings (Video Sample)
  • Negotiation (Video Sample)
  • Meeting topics and discussion
  • Opinions in meetings
  • Building group consensus 

Professionally speaking

Developing your career


Become an active participant in any conversation, whatever the topic. Learn the essential language and communication skills to feel more confident talking to and understanding your colleagues and friends.

Sample topics:

Talking about lifestyle

Crafting the perfect story

  • The skill of storytelling (Video Sample)
  • Life stories 
  • Talking about events 
  • Be a brilliant storyteller
  • The skill of storytelling

Engaging in meaningful conversation

Cultural and Academic

Develop your knowledge and understanding of English for use in overseas study contexts, exploring both essential academic language, and the knowledge of British culture needed to participate successfully in everyday life.

Sample topics:

Across culture

  • Face
  • Conversation topics
  • Saying sorry
  • Cultural misunderstandings

Seminars and tutorials

  • Research
  • Proposing a change
  • Your viewpoint
  • Spoken references

Online culture

  • The problem with emails
  • Online bullying
  • Mobile manners
  • Online addiction