Read our students' testimonials for adult English course.

Improving my career path  Seulki Kim

Eversince I had a desire for a career upgrade, English has always been my biggest obstacle. During the moments when I had to speak English, I couldn’t help but stutter out of pressure and nervousness. Meanwhile, I was offered a great position that required English language skills. Luckily, I found the British Council, and registered for the 1 month intensive course. Having to take 32 lessons in a month poses a great challenge for an office worker but my spirit was focused on language study for the entire month.

After each lesson, I became more comfortable with speaking English and my habitual stutter started to reduce. Within a month of studying at the British Council, I went through 4 rounds of interviews, and by the last interview, I was 100% confident in myself and was able to talk fluently without forgetting what to say and even answer questions with little or no preparation. I definitely achieved this feat due to all the practice I had with my classmates and teachers during the lessons. As a result, I was able to get the position.

I'd like to say if you truly want to achieve a goal, and English is essential in achieving the goal, I highly recommend you to stop hesitating, contact the British Council and reach for your dreams.

 Seulki Kim (Gangnam Centre)

Starter to Pre-intermediate in 3 months!  Hyeonjeong Choi

As I look back to past three months starting from Foundation level coming up to Pre-intermediate, the biggest help for me to improve in English was the teachers. Their professional teaching curriculums and methods with their passion had a big influence in my English studies. Secondly, the systematic learning management through various counselling services with Student Advisors and assessments during classes by the teachers assisted my learning experience. The ‘assessment’ feedbacks from the teachers were extremely helpful. Thirdly, the access to class notes on the phone application let me review whenever I could; and this gave efficiency on my English studies. Lastly, the dynamic interaction with various learning participants in classes was also effective in improving my speaking skills.

For those people hesitating on studying English with a fear of learning it, I hope this testimonial gave you some courage, and I recommend you to get various help from the British Council Teaching Center.

 Hyeonjeong Choi (Euljiro Centre)

From Pre-intermediate to Upper Intermediate – Ye-sol Yoon

Now my level is Upper Intermediate. But my first level was Elementary. I have passed Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, and finally got Upper-intermediate. I progressed a lot in 4 years. When I had a moving up test, I asked the teacher. “I wish I could speak English more fluently. But I don’t know how to do it.” My teacher answered “How about reading an oxford bookworm? The book is good for people who learn English as a second language. You don’t get enough chances to speak English outside of the classroom. So why don’t you listen to audios and repeat speaking out? Or maybe you could record your own voice while you’re reading? It really helps you a lot.” I practiced as he told me and it did help me a lot. Whenever I’m not sure about how to study English, I ask the teachers. And they would always give me the best advice.

– Ye-sol Yoon (Gangnam Centre)

Reliable Assessment System – Seungil Han

For last five months, I have taken 44 Elementary classes. At first I thought the new course is merely an extension of Foundation course, however, the experience made me stand on my head – the level differences are there for a reason. Also in Elementary classes, I could get used to the course with ease thanks to a lot of great teachers. Collin Thorpe is one of the teachers I would love to appreciate because his humorous and kind way of teaching gave me a great confidence in speaking English.

Assessment checks which are held in every tenth class were enormous chance to test my English in an objective and figurative point of view. For example, the teachers’ feedbacks are written in very comfortable and friendly tone whilst sharply delivering the message about my weakness and improvements to make

 Seungil Han (Euljiro Centre)

Want to improve English you’ve learned abroad? – Minseon Koo

I’ve actually started this course to talk more in English because I forgot a lot of English since I am not in New Zealand anymore and also want to expand my vocabulary in various areas. I have been studying with British Council for almost a year now and enjoying all the classes so far. And I have picked up my English I forgot and learned a lot more vocabulary which is very helpful for my teaching job as well. What I like about the classes the most is that you always get to talk to your classmates and tell your opinions in classroom and of course, the teachers are there. They are all qualified, experienced and also very friendly. I like talking to them a lot.

 Minseon Koo (Euljiro Centre)

Confidence in your English – Seung-eon Kim

I can proudly tell I can communicate and express in English way more with ease than before. Now I have moved to a regular course as the intensive course has given a lot of motivations to learn English in a self-directed way.  For example, I now watch TED, read English books on my own and have a great interest in music and shows in English.

– Seung-eon Kim (Euljiro Centre)

My English is improving everyday – Yuyeong Kim

One of the specialities of the British Council is that there are a lot of chances to learn English without an aim of achieving a grade but with an approach to a language itself whilst in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


At first scheduling, my own timetable by booking myClass was a bit of pressure, but now I am enjoying it the most as I can get to choose a time and topic I want to take. When it comes to a real life, we encounter a situation of speaking English with strangers, and working as a pair with a new classmate in every class is very helping. By experiencing various accents and vocabularies used by every different student, I can, without doubt, tell my English is improving everyday.


 Yuyeong Kim (Euljiro Centre)