Improve your skills for the world of work with our Online Professional Business Skills Online courses. Specially designed for working professionals or graduates looking to start their careers with four essential modules to help you communicate with your customers, clients and colleagues in a more refined and confident manner.

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Give yourself the skills to fully develop in specific areas of business, whether in delivering presentations, writing effective emails, or communicating better with important clients and colleagues. Choose the most relevant lessons to enhance your performance, develop confidence and be one step closer to achieving your professional career goals.

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Put new skills into action instantly through realistic and authentic communicative activities, case studies and action plans to use in the workplace. 


Our flexible online booking system is designed for people looking for a course that will fit around their working day. You choose the modules you want to focus on and the times that are convenient for you.

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Our highly qualified and experienced teachers are here to guide you through the next stage of your professional development, with detailed feedback and individual attention to help you get the most from the course.

Course information

  • Level

    Intermediate and above

  • Course format / location

    • Capacity: 8
    • 90 minutes
    • Online Class
  • Course package and fee

    Package (Duration) Course fee (per month)
    8 lessons (2 months) 450,000 Won (225,000 Won)
    16 lessons (4 months) 855,000 Won (213,750Won)
    24 lessons (6 months) 1,215,000 Won (202,500 Won)
    32 lessons (8 months) 1,530,000 Won (191,250 Won)


  • What we offer

    Professional Business Skills Online offers 4 modules each containing 7 lessons. Click on each module below for more information.

Better Emails

Writing effective emails gives you the ability to achieve goals and build good relationships with colleagues and clients. Learn how to plan, organise, write and edit your emails in order to communicate more effectively and enhance productivity at work. 

Success with Presentations

Presenting an idea in a persuasive and professional way can change the course of your career. Increase the quality of your work by learning how to plan, structure and deliver your presentation so that you can communicate your ideas persuasively, and engage with your audience in a calm and confident manner.

Grammar Foundations

Communicating in English at work with clarity and politeness is essential to establishing and maintaining a positive and productive working environment. Identify strengths and areas for development, practise using common grammatical forms more correctly and confidently, and increase the precision and clarity of your written and spoken communication.

Business Writing Essentials

Understanding the fundamentals of modern business writing helps you to project a more professional image. Learn how to plan, write and edit documents and produce clear, concise and coherent texts that avoid miscommunication.