If you wish to register for the new semester's Storytime course in March 2021 (for children born in 2016), please fill out the form below and submit.
We will send a text message to the applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

※ If you would like to register for a course for students born in 2014 or 2015, please click here .


  • We will send a registration link only to those who have completed the online application form below and submitted it in advance.
  • Please be sure to check the registration start date for each centre.

[Registration procedure timeline]

  • Step 1 Online application through the British Council website by:
    - City Hall Centre: 4 December 10.00
  • Step 2 Centre will respond by sending individual registration link (online applications only).
    -City Hall: 4 December 12.00
  • Step 3 Registration starts from
    -City Hall: 4 December 12.30
  • Step 4 Complete the online registration link and respond by:
    - City Hall Centre: 7 December 15.00
  • Step 5 Announcement of the final enrollment list
    - City Hall Centre: 7 December 16.00
  • Step 6 Once the final enrolment list has been announced, please complete the online payment link
    - City Hall Centre: after 16.00 on 7 December

 You can contact us by phone(1522 5009) or leave your enquiry online. Find out our centre's locations and check the working hours here .

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