The British Council language school is supporting the Government’s quarantine measures in the metropolitan area newly announced on 13 September.

All classes for adults from Monday 31 August will be online.

Young Learner centres will be operating back to normal from 14 September.

More details will be announced individually at each centre. But, please contact your centre if you have any queries on classes for enrolled students. Administrative processing and consultation work will operate as normal. You can find your centre’s operating hours at the bottom of this page.

At the British Council, the health, safety and well-being of all our staff, customers, partners and the communities in which we operate is a top priority. We support and cooperate with all local government agencies by putting all necessary measures in place to ensure the continued well-being of all with whom we engage at work, and as responsible corporate citizens of the world.

We take the following health and safety measures at our premises.

  1. We keep the distance between students by specifying the student's attendance time in 10-minute intervals.
  2. We measure the body temperature of all students before entering the centre.
  3. Only after hand disinfection are students able to enter the classroom with the teacher whilst maintaining distance. 
  4. All teachers and staff wear masks.
  5. We disinfect all classroom desks and door handles before and after class.
  6. Visitors other than students are strictly restricted.

Please make sure to follow our guidance below. 

  1. Please check the student's body temperature at home before visiting the centre.
  2. Please bring an extra mask, a hand sanitiser, disinfection wipes and writing utensils when visiting our centre.
  3. Students without masks are not allowed to enter the centre.
  4. Only students are allowed to enter the centre, and parents are restricted.

Please check working hours for a level test and phone consultation from the table below.

If you would like to reach us for more information, please contact our language centres via telephone +82 1522 8006 (for adults) / +82 1522 5009 (for young learners) and send your enquiry via

[Young Learners]

DAY Working hours 
Monday–Friday 12.00–19.30
Saturday–Sunday 09.30–18.30


DAY Working hours
Monday–Friday 10.00–21.00 
Saturday/Sunday 10.00–17.30

※ Jamsil centre closes on Sunday.