Becoming a Class Dojo

Mokdong’s Tim Clauson presented at the KOTESOL International Conference last week on ‘Becoming a Class Dojo’.

Tim says that in addition to his 45-minute workshop, “I was also able to do a brief interview at the KOTESOL media station which was streaming live over Facebook throughout the weekend. Overall, it was a valuable experience and also a great opportunity to network with other likeminded professionals.”




Halloween comes to City Hall with this display and a couple of creepy looking characters.

Rachel Kaberry, Head of Young Learners

"Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm the Head of Young Learners at the British Council in Korea. I love teaching English because it's wonderful seeing students learn and develop. It's also fantastic to have the opportunity to travel the world, live in different countries and meet people from different cultures"

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Michael Green

"I'm interested in learner motivation and giving many opportunities to speak and develop fluency. I think people learn quickly when they have fun and follow personal interests. When I'm not busy, I enjoy cooking, reading good books and urban hiking."

  • Diploma in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • Certificate in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • BA Design & Art Direction, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Has been teaching for over 13 years in Korea, Italy, Spain and the UK

Seasonal Wishes


Seocho learners are adding seasonal wishes to the door – some more selfless than others!

Children have been decorating our tree with baubles as well.



Halloween comes to Mokdong Centre with the display and kids had fun with their own costume! 

Making post-it Christmas displays


City Hall centre’s teens have been making post-it Christmas displays on the windows!