Science and Sustainability Award winner

Sangji Lee (London School of Economics)

With strong field experience in climate change and international development, Sangji won a Chevening scholarship to pursue further study in the UK. She is currently working at UNDP headquarters as a Climate Change and Green Economy Technical Specialist and is a member of the Climate Promise Team, which supports 120 countries in designing their nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

Storytime Surveys

You're never too young to survey and collect data! Jack Ram of Mokdong has been using this approach to help learners practice giving basic information about themselves. This is also a great way to build up independence, and to practice adjacency pairs.

The Reading Challenge


The Reading Challenge is a programme which aims to encourage children to read more books. This year, the theme is ‘The Big Friendly Read’ to celebrate Roald Dahl’s centenary. 

It is picking up pace and the best book reviews each week will be on display

Anti-Bullying Week


Seocho is promoting Anti-Bullying Week from 13 November. This is a campaign run globally, and many schools in the UK have events and displays up to try to educate children on what bullying is and how to prevent it or what to do if you are bullied.

In addition to blanketing the walls with displays on how to deal with bullying, teachers had lessons for their classes on what constitutes bullying and why it’s unacceptable.

Anti-bullying awareness


Ruth focussed on anti-bullying awareness this week. Her 2B and 3A classes created posters on what a good friend and a bad friend can do.