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Andrew Edward

"I am particularly interested in using authentic materials to get students engaged and using language with confidence and imagination. In my spare time I enjoy cooking, going to museums and the cinema, but my absolute favourite hobby is photography."

  • CELTA 
  • MA (Hons) French & Business Studies, University of Edinburgh 
  • Has been teaching English for over 5 years in Korea and Italy

Anna Freeman Bentley

Anna Freeman Bentley builds her own painting by focusing to the relations derived from the observation of the indoor space and the environment surrounding modern people. Her works gives a sense to the viewers without placing the character on the canvas but only the objects, subtly intervening the features of the place as well as the hidden context outside the screen. For this exhibition, her new series of works depicting the private places for limited members will be introduced. 



Arielle is from England, near Manchester, and she has been teaching young learners since 2006. She moved to Korea in 2006 and worked with students from the age of 6 and upwards. She is fluent in Korean and enjoys travelling all of Korea visiting new cities. Her favourite Korean food is Gamjatang. The thing she loves most about Seoul is all of the historical buildings and attractions to visit. 

"Teaching kids and teens is a joy. The students at British Council Seocho often make me laugh and make teaching the most enjoyable job in the world. They work ever so hard and and should be proud of themselves. I like to focus on enjoying the English learning experience so the children are happy and it motivates them to use their English outside of the classroom as well."

Benjamin Brett

Benjamin Brett's works of free-formations and line paintings, attempts to distance itself from the paragon grammar and customs of painting. The artist disassembles and splits the images extracted from various visual objects found from movie posters and book covers, and juxtaposes them with the paintings. His paintings suggest only minimal sociocultural contexts leaving behind the audience to look freely scattered images and lead them to an interesting interpretive field of own.

Colin Thorpe

"In the classroom, I like my lessons to be engaging and challenging. I'm interested in developing my students' vocabulary and personalised ways of communication. I use my knowledge of learning and speaking Korean to help me teach Korean students."

  • MA in Applied Linguistics
  • BA in French & German TEFL Diploma 
  • Long career in teaching English including Finland, Hungary, the UK, Germany, and currently South Korea 

Daniel Shin Un Kang (University of Oxford)

Daniel's mission is to create fair access to capital and opportunities. Currently, he's advancing his mission as the CEO & Co-founder of Flowbo (Y-Combinator S21), a fintech company that provides better financial access to one-person businesses including creators, musicians, and freelancers. Providing financial infrastructure for non-conventional careers will help develop culture and advancement. He continues to invest in the latest technologies and culture as a Limited Partner (LP) and Venture Partner of several funds in the US.

Prior to his Flowbo, he was an investment professional at Softbank Vision Fund working out of Silicon Valley and London focusing on fintech and marketplace investments. He also served a Board Observer of a now-publicly traded company in Germany, and as a Consultant at Oliver Wyman across US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

David Pegg

"I like to create a classroom where communication can take place. I want students to feel at ease and open in discussions, making errors and developing little by little, day by day. In my free time I enjoy playing football and watching films."

  • Diploma in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • CELTA, Cambridge University
  • BA Business, Nottingham Trent University
  • Has been teaching in Japan and Korea since 2007

Dawn Mellor

Dawn Mellor is a London-based artist who is acclaimed as one of the best artists that Royal College of Art has produced. The starting point for Dawn Mellor’s practice is informed by celebrities, idols and icons from various fields and eras. Often made in series, the paintings assume the perspective of an obsessive fan or stalker, with the characteristics associated with pathological criminality, or delinquent sexuality.

Dawn Mellor, Claire as Madame as Queen Elizabeth II, 2013 © Dawn Mellor 2017