James Bialek

James Bialek is a Teacher of young learners at the British Council’s City Hall Centre. He has been teaching for seven years and has been in Korea for three years. He has also taught in Austria, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. James is qualified with a CELTA and studied Comparative Literature and Psychology at university. 

“Teaching primary learners is such a rewarding experience for me, especially here in Korea where so many families are passionate about education. My students give me a lot of energy and their progress makes me proud to be a teacher here.”

James Lewis

"I am particularly interested in creating materials that motivate and engage young learners. When I have some free time, I enjoy playing board games, and taking day trips around Korea with my family."

  • DELTA - module 3 YL specialism
  • CELTA 
  • BA in Russian Language, Nottingham University
  • has been teaching young learners in Korea for 13 years

Ji Sun Park (University of Manchester)

Reporting Specialist, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Programme unit, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Lao PDR office



Jisan Ahn

Jisan Ahn conveys the work on the canvas right after observing and touching the object. He mainly works to express a direct relationship between the act of painting and actual object. Through dying his hands and foots or washing the paint, he invites the audience to evoke and experience the memories of the author. In recent works, he is expressing the sense of loss with the use of daily landscape, figures or objects that easily disappear. 

Jisan Ahn, Wash foot, 2015 © Jisan Ahn

강사소개: 존 돌먼(John Dohrmann) John Dohrmann


공인 된 IB Business 과목 교사인 존 돌먼 선생님은 2013년부터 EF 아카데미 뉴욕 캠퍼스에서 학생들을 가르쳐 온 바 있습니다. 3개의 스타트업 회사를 성공적으로 설립, 매각한 비즈니스맨인 돌먼 선생님은 실제 경험과 학생들을 가르쳐 본 경험이 풍부하여 20개국, 60여개 도시, 200여개 학교에서 비즈니스 모의수업 진행을 진행 한 바 있습니다.

Jon Scott

"I enjoy promoting independent learning and self-assessment into all teaching/instruction, regardless of age and learning ability."

  • CIM
  • QTS
  • PGCE Secondary Education
  • BSc Geography
  • 11 years instruction experience (UK, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain)

Jonathan Strand

"My name is Jon Strand, and I’m from the East of England. I've been living in Korea now for over 7 years. My favourite thing to do (apart from teaching!) is hiking, and my favourite mountain is Seorak-san - especially in the autumn!"

  • Trinity Diploma in TESOL (on-going)
  • Trinity TYLEC
  • Cambridge CELTA

Julia Guckian

"I am interested in how literacy skills are learnt and I'm always looking for fun activities to help my students become independent readers and writers in English. On my weekends I love to try out new baking recipes and walking around Seoul."

  • Trinity TYLEC, Cambridge DELTA - YL specialism for module 3
  • Cambridge CELTA
  • BSc International Development
  • Has been teaching English for 6 years in China, Egypt and Korea

Kelly Brennan

"My favourite aspect of teaching is creating a positive learning environment and getting to know my students and their needs. I like my lessons to be fun and engaging! I've only been in Korea for a year, so spend much of my free time exploring Seoul!"

  • DELTA Mod 1 (Cambridge)
  • Cambridge CYLT and TYLEC tutor
  • TESOL (Trinity)
  • BA in Contemporary Theatre
  •  I have been teaching for 20 years, 10 of those teaching Drama in London and the last 10 teaching EFL in Vietnam, Italy, Latvia and now Korea.

Learning About Classmates

With our new classes, it's hard to know where challenges lie.

Pictured from Mokdong centre is Alice Tamang's Primary 3 class.

She used acrostic poems to learn more about the class, as well as work on parts of speech and sentence structure.