Michael Man

"I enjoy having more personal and creative types of classes, and challenging students to improve their skills whenever possible. I’ve been living in Seoul for over 5 years and I’m a big fan of roastery cafes and Korean BBQ in Korea."

  • Has been teaching in Korea since 2015, and also taught in Spain, Italy, Poland, Latvia and UK.
  • Certificate in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • BA Geography, Brunel University

Michael Porritt

"I like to get students of all ages speaking as much as possible during the lessons. For me it's very important that the students are active and so I use games and other communicative activities. I enjoy running and reading in my free time."

  • Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Mike Tomkins

"I enjoying watching kids grow in confidence and experiment with English. I also like creating fun materials for them too! In my free time enjoy cycling along the Han river, cooking, and watching football."

  • Cambridge Young Learners' Certificate
  • BA in International Relations and Politics 
  • I have been teaching for 7 years in UK, Italy, and Poland as well as Korea

Neil Evans

ICELT(Cambridge In-service Certificate In English Language Teaching)는 현직 영어 교사를 대상으로 하는 케임브리지 ESOL 인증 연수 프로그램입니다. 실제 수업 현장에서의 수업 기술 및 역량 개발에 주안점을 두고 있으며, 참가자들은 케임브리지 수료증과 dddddddddddddd자유 시간에는 시내 관광, 독서, 한국어 공부, 기타 연주를 즐깁니다. 현재 주한영국문화원에서 교사 교육자로 활동하고 있는 마이크 선생님은 ICELT(중고등)-end


Peter Clarkin

"I teach students to speak in a friendlier way as this is something that they aren't always taught in textbooks. English is a language, not a subject and I want to help students express themselves in a natural way, I don't want to create robots."

  • MA in Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen 
  • Has been teaching English for over 10 years in Ilsan, Euljiro and Gangnam

Peter Marron

"I’m interested in how individual students learn language in different ways and I believe motivation is the key to success. I prepare my classes with this in mind. I enjoy travelling, cooking, reading, music, movies, cycling and swimming."

  • Cambridge Level 5 Certificate in Further Education Teaching
  • I have extensive experience teaching English in many countries including the UK, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong

Phillip Babcock

"As a teacher, I am enthusiastic about students as people! I aim to help students learn skills like speaking and writing through teamwork and interaction. I enjoy playing soccer, finding new restaurants with my wife, and my favorite podcasts."

  • Cambridge CELTA
  • Trinity College TYLEC ongoing
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  •  Has been teaching English since 2011 in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Cambodia

Primary Plus Level 1


Primary Plus Level 1 class has been learning about daily routines. They made a sentence generator and then played a game together using their sentences.


Punctuation Station

Punctuation is tricky for even the most skilled editors.

If our students have any hope of applying the rules properly, a display should definitely be involved in the referencing process of writing.

Pictured is a lovely and bright display at City Hall centre.

Rachel Wass

Rachael Wass is from Scotland in the UK.  She is a Young Adults teacher at the British Council’s City Hall Centre.  Rachael has been teaching English for six years and has taught in Italy, Australia and Singapore, before coming to Korea.  She is qualified with CELTA and with DELTA. 

“I really enjoy helping young adults express their thoughts and ideas on a variety of topics and encouraging them to debate and discuss complex matters.  I love getting to know my students and applying their individual and group interests to the lesson.”