Richard Hawkes

"There are lots of great learners in Korea and I love the energy they bring to the classes. I think speaking naturally through communication activities is a great way to get better at English. In my free time, I explore Korea by hiking and cycling."

  • DELTA, Cambridge University
  • BA Sociology
  • 15 years of teaching experience

Richard Taylor

"My favourite thing about teaching is seeing the boost in confidence students get from learning a new language, which helps them express themselves in a new ways. In my free-time I enjoy playing guitar, hiking and cooking healthy food."

  • Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate (TYLEC), Trinity College
  • CELTA, University of Cambridge, ESOL
  •  Teaching Young Learners Course, Oxford TEFL
  •  Business English Certificate, Oxford TEFL
  •  10+ years teaching young learners and adults in Korea

Romina Inoka Ranasinghe

"I m interested in working on speaking and communication. In class, I let the students express themselves and use English as naturally as possible. In my free time, I like learning new things and languages. I am learning Korean at the moment"

  • TYLEC  
  • PGCE in ESOL and Literacy at Institute of Education
  • MA in Applied Linguistics at Middlesex University
  • BA in TEFL and French at Middlesex University 
  • Has been teaching for over 12 years in the UK, Italy and South Korea.

Ross Davis

"I like to encourage fluency skills and improve vocabulary of my students in the classroom. In my free time I like to play football and spend time with the wife and daughter."

  • TESOL Trinity Diploma 
  • BA Media and Production, University of Ulster
  • Has been teaching English for over 10 years in Korea, Thailand, and Japan.

Sarah Lederman

Sarah Lederman embeds a rich reference encompassing memories, dreams, fancies and myths on the canvas. Her works of extreme resumption of dense composition and abundant portrayal are a delightful coexistence of hedonistic eroticism based on childhood miraculous fantasies of women, and sketchy drawings which might appear in children's daydream. The images of various spectrums, ranging from the paintings of Middle Ages to the Japanese erotic painting, arise curiosity and stimulate emotions.

Sin Lau

 "In my free time, I study and practice film photography as well as video editing. I’m also a big movie and drama fan too, while, in the summer I enjoy cycling by the Han River. In addition, I like reading about architecture, history, and philosophy."

  • Diploma in English Teaching
  • Bachelor of Arts, Westminster University

Susanna Symons

"As a teacher, I am especially interested in teaching speaking and communication skills, phonics and early literacy, project-based learning, and debate. When I have some free time, I enjoy hiking, reading, and studying Korean."

  • Honours Specialization in English Literature
  • Has been teaching English in Korea for 7 years

Tim Clauson

"In my spare time I enjoy riding my bicycle alongside the Han river, watching sports, and hanging out with friends."

  • DipTESOL
  • Bachelor of Electronic Commerce, Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics) at Trinity College London
  • Has been teaching English for 8 years

Tom Migliorisi

"I enjoy working with young learners and I am particularly interested in second language learning in Early Years and kindergarten and how their brains work. In my spare time I enjoying playing guitar, video games and spending time with my friends"

  • DELTA module 1
  • Bachelor of International Relations and Spanish Studies
  • Has been teaching English for over 5 years in China, Taiwan, Mexico and Korea