Who We Are

Seocho have created an impressively large display in their centre with teacher photos and bios.

Take a look at the display when you visit Seocho Centre!

Writing poems


Amanda’s Returnees 2 wrote poems about the feelings of winter.


  • 숙명여대 시각영상디자인과 졸업.
  • Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge school of art
  • MA Children’s Book Illustration 졸업
  • 창작그림책 빗방울이 톡톡톡(책단배)
  • 바빠가족(바람의 아이들)
  • Fitz and Will (Little Cam Books)
  • 내이름은 제동크(바우솔)
  • 다 내꺼(실천문학)

Business and Innovation Award winner

Jung Eun Kim (London School of Economics)

Jung Eun is the Founder and CEO of SMALL TICKET, a start-up that aims to innovate Korea’s insurance sector by targeting the unmet insurance needs of micro-segmented consumer groups including pets and gig-workers.

International Women's Day

IWD falls on March 8 and is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

How about making a card celebrating mum/grandma/auntie's achievements, or learning about great women in history?

Pictured is a stack of available cards in City Hall centres for learners to take, decorate, and give to the women in their lives.

LearnEnglish for Taxi Drivers

In this course for taxi drivers, you'll learn how to greet clients, ask for directions on a taxi journey and much more. Focus on the grammar, vocabulary and useful phrases you’ll need.

Download for: iOS 

Sangwoo Kim

BA Biotehnology, Imperial College London

Classroom Decorations

To round off the year, Jon Strand's Primary 1 students created a classroom calendar display for any and all learners who come through the classroom to use.

When's your birthday? Come down to Mokdong Centre and fill in your square!

Dowha Kim

MA International Human Rights Law and Practice, University of York

Social Action Award winner

Yi Hyun Choi (University of Leeds)

Yi Hyun is the Founder and CEO of MORETHAN CONTINEW, a social enterprise and a highly recognised ethical fashion company in Korea. CONTINEW turns non-recyclable car waste into fashion goods and has been collaborating with global brands like Hyundai Motors, Tesla, Porsche, and Audi. CONTINEW products have been worn by celebrities such as BTS and the First Lady of South Korea.