Classroom Decorations

To round off the year, Jon Strand's Primary 1 students created a classroom calendar display for any and all learners who come through the classroom to use.

When's your birthday? Come down to Mokdong Centre and fill in your square!

Dowha Kim

MA International Human Rights Law and Practice, University of York

Social Action Award winner

Yi Hyun Choi (University of Leeds)

Yi Hyun is the Founder and CEO of MORETHAN CONTINEW, a social enterprise and a highly recognised ethical fashion company in Korea. CONTINEW turns non-recyclable car waste into fashion goods and has been collaborating with global brands like Hyundai Motors, Tesla, Porsche, and Audi. CONTINEW products have been worn by celebrities such as BTS and the First Lady of South Korea.

Culture and Creativity Award winner

Yiyun Kang (Royal College of Art)

Yiyun is an audio-visual installation artist and a visiting lecturer at Royal College of Art. She worked with prestigious partners including Victoria & Albert Museum and an Italian fashion brand, Max Mara, and recently became the only Korean artist who took part in the global ‘CONNECT, BTS’ project.

Paralympics 2018

With the start of the Paralympics in South Korea, James Lewis’ class read several articles about the history of the games.

The students then compiled their new found knowledge in informational posters, which have been received well by students during the week.

Did you know the mascot for the Paralympics is a bear called Bandabi?

Samples of Students' Work

Sometimes it's a bit complicated to know what exactly a level is - how the students write, what stage of cognitive development they're at, what kind of social skills they have... the list goes on.

A great way to set context is to display various levels of students' work.

In Mokdong, we've displayed several Primary and Teens samples of work in the lobby to better contextualise this for parents.

Taejung Ro

MA Divinity, Yale Divinity School

We are the British Council

Adding new students to displays at the start of a year can help make them feel more welcomed and included at the centre.

Pictured is the School Display in the Foyer of Seocho Centre.

A face and speech bubble has been completed by all of the students this week and added to a rather impressive wall of fame!

All the world's a stage

Pictured is a display from Hannah Davison’s class in City Hall!

In our Secondary Returnee 1 classes we researched 6 key aspects of Shakespeare’s life, then split into small groups to create small information sheets about the Bard.

Hannah then added a few pictures of key places and things from Shakespeare’s life.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

It's a great way to start the year off on the right foot - supporting each other and working together as a team.

Picture is a Seocho Centre Primary 1 class display promoting inclusion and getting to know the other students.