UK-KOR University Roundtable: Internationalisation and Education for tomorrow
UK-KOR University Roundtable: Internationalisation and Education for tomorrow ©

British Council Korea


We bring together people working in higher education in Korea and the UK to share ideas and act upon them. 

Global policy and education dialogue

We want to help educators from the UK and around the world identify core themes and issues for debate and dialogue. The goal is to create better policies and practices that influence educational leaders and policymakers. Korean educators and educational experts have been eager participants in our dialogues, including Going Global and Global Education Dialogues: The Asia Series. 

Knowledge Economy Partnerships

We believe that partnerships amongst people from different countries and cultures are mutually beneficial for all participants. To that end, we have established a platform to help UK and Korean educational institutions form lasting partnerships. We also organise missions that bring leading UK educational institutions to Korea and take Korean educators to the UK.

UK student mobility

Students broaden their perspectives on the world by studying abroad, so the British Council are working to promote student mobility and build lasting relationships between the UK and Korea. One example of our work in this area is the production of a video promoting Korea as a study abroad destination for UK students. You can find it on the right hand side of this page.

Our Internationalising Higher Education activities 

Some highlights of our Internationalising Higher Education activities include visits of Vice Chancellors from Russell Group universities, the UK-Korea student Mobility event and the University of Southampton Day


Services for International Education Marketing

British Council Korea provides a set of professional services to help educational institutions achieve the best results from their international marketing activities.  For detailed information on each service, please visit our country page on the British Council Services for International Education Marketing website.