The United Kingdom and Korea are closer today than they have been for many years. Success in creativity and innovation will define both the UK’s and Korea’s futures. 

For this reason, the slogan of UK/Korea 2017–18 is “Creative Futures” as we present ways to forge futures for both emerging artists and new audiences in the arts and creative industries of the UK and Korea.

UK/Korea 2017–18 shares the UK’s innovation and excellence in the arts and creative industries. It is developing creative practices by fostering new approaches and pushing boundaries through artistic collaborations between artists and arts organisations from both countries.

UK/Korea 2017–18 kicked off on 20 February 2017 with an opening concert by London Symphony Orchestra. It will continue to showcase the best of UK dance, theatre, film, visual arts, literature, music, architecture, design, fashion and creative economy until March 2018 in multiple cities including Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Cheongju, and Jeonju.

It will also provide a platform to further boost the promotion of UK business, education and science in Korea, and create a platform for long term and sustainable partnerships through market development, new networks and increased mobility.

The Korea Season led by the Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched on 8 July 2017 in London. You can find more details here.