A road crossing in Seoul

UK/Korea 2017–18 will encompass arts, education, science and business, with a focus on the following themes: 


As a city develops its cultural identity, interaction with its artists and communities grows. By connecting cities from Korea and the UK, the development of arts and culture for both people and their cities will be sustained. This theme explores the role of arts and culture in reshaping cities and examines how to connect communities by creating arts and cultural-led practices in the process of building a creative city, smart city and urban regeneration projects in Korea. 

Transformation and Innovation through Digital Technology

In Korea, both artists and the general public are constantly and rapidly employing digital technology. In this theme, we will explore digital innovation in a range of art forms, while a diverse group of artists working within communities will examine digitally-supported artistic practices in the expansion of digital culture in our daily lives.

Diversity and Inclusion

We will create new opportunities in three different pillars: arts and disability, arts and ageing society, and gender equality and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) rights. Korean and UK arts professionals, together with policy makers, will be tackling inclusivity as part of the cultural agenda with a view to develop new audiences and expression of the arts in Korea.  

Creative Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in the creative sectors is much needed for sustained support to artists in the sector and within the community. Entrepreneurship also creates an avenue to facilitate a dialogue and connections between the government and individual artists and makers through a network of government-led and independent creative hubs.

Creative Learning

There is a high demand for capacity building of artists and arts professionals for new artistic developments. A wider audience group is to be developed through engagements with artists. The Arts are also utilised as a new approach to learning creativity.