Friday 15 September 2017 to Sunday 29 October 2017
ARKO Arts Theater, Sogang University Mary Hall, CKL Stage

Festival Creative Futures aims to present and share innovative UK works with Korean audiences through presenting new works and different approaches, and collaborative works between UK and Korean artists. As part of Festival Creative Futures, UK Dance Connection brings new works by established artists where we highlight UK contemporary dance scene through a celebration of Seoul Performing Arts Festival(SPAF) and Seoul International Dance Festival(SIDANCE)

Akram Khan Company Until the Lions

Until the Lions is a choreographic response to the tale of Amba/Shikhandi in the Mahabharata, the classical South Asian epic that has been beloved by Akram Khan since his childhood. Poet and writer Karthika Naïr reimagined this story and those of several minor characters from the original in her award-winning book Until the Lions: Echoes from the Mahabharata (2015). Nair’s retelling in verse gave voice, dignity and intention to these female characters whose lives and stories, as well as their roles as catalysts and witnesses, have remained largely subaltern.

  • Date and time: 20.00 Thursday 12 October 2017
                              20.00 Fri 13 October 2017
  • Venue: Main Hall, ARKO Arts Theater
  • Ticket: R 70,000 / S 50,000 / A 30,000 (KRW)
  • Rating: 15 and over
  • Booking: SPAF

Rusell Maliphant Company Conceal | Reveal

Russell Maliphant has programmed Conceal / Reveal to celebrated 20 years at the forefront of groundbreaking contemporary dance. Recommended to audience who enjoyed simple and gorgeous movement.  Russell Maliphant, ‘Body of Poetic’ and ‘The pride of Britain’ has won major awards including on Olivier and worked with the renowned artists including Sylvie Guillem and Robert LePage.

  • Date and time: 17.00 Mon 9 October 2017
                              20.00 Tue 10 October 2017
  • Venue: Sogang University Mary Hall
  • Ticket: R 70,000 / S 50,000 / A 30,000 (KRW)
  • Rating: 8 and over
  • BookingSIDANCE

Robbie Synge Douglas / Igor & Moreno Idiot-Syncrasy

On the same night, The double bill of Robbie Synge and Igor & Moreno who are exceptional artist from UK will be showing humorous and experimental pieces. Aerowave selection awarded in 2016, Douglas by Robbie synge will presenting a choreographic experiment, attempts to allow objects to control situations. Igor & Moreno, The performers of Idiot-Syncrasy look back at the audience as if it was their turn to start jumping while the energy continues to grow more and more. 

  • Date and time: 20.00 Fri 13 October 2017
  • Venue: CKL Stage
  • Ticket: R 30,000 / S 20,000 (KRW)
  • Rating: 8 and over
  • Booking: SIDANCE

Far From The Norm GEN 20:20

Far From The Norm, an experimental contemporary dance company that take a fresh perspective to hip hop dance theatre to create work with a contemporary sensibility. They will collaborate with four Korean dancers to create a new pioneering work GEN 20:20 inspired by their combined cultural exchange for SIDance. 

  • Date and time: 20.00 Fri 13 October 2017
                             17.00 Sat 14 October 2017
  • Venue: Sogang University Mary Hall
  • Ticket: R 50,000 / S 35,000 / A 20,000 (KRW)
  • Rating: 8 and over
  • BookingSIDANCE
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