Saturday 22 April 2017 to Sunday 28 May 2017
Icheon Cerapia

Held simultaneously in three cities of Icheon, Yeoju and Gwangju in Gyeonggi-do, Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 (GICB) features diverse programmes including the exhibitions, symposium and workshop, and other collateral events. Under the title of Narrative_Ode to Life GICB presents a wide range of ceramic works to narrate our lives. 

As a part of the UK/Korea 2017–18 programmes, British artist Neil Brownsword will have a separate hall dedicated to him within Gyeonggi Int'l Ceramic Biennale (GICB), where he will present the exhibition Factory. This sheds light on the displacement of intangible cultural heritage in North Staffordshire’s ceramics industry. It invites viewers to ask questions about the value and relevance of inter-generational skills with a view to raising awareness of increasingly threatened intangible cultural heritage that has supported a local economy for nearly 300 years.

Gyeonggi Int'l Ceramic Biennale: Neil Brownsword’s Factory

  • Date & Time: 22 Aprilㅡ28 May 2017
  • Venue: 3rd floors of Icheon World Ceramic Center, Icheon Cerapia 
  • Admission: 3-in-one package (Regular KRW 9,000, Discounted KRW 5,000) ▶ more details  
  • More Information: Gyeonggi Int'l Ceramic Biennale website 
  • Hosted by Gyeong-gi local province / Organised by Korea Ceramic Foundation / Sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover

Additional programmes

  • Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF) Collection presents teaware and tableware from the world famous British ceramic brands - Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and Aynsley- to introduce the afternoon tea culture of the UK. 
  • Workshops for interlocal projects connecting the past, present and future of ceramic industry of Staffordshire and Icheon will also take place. 
  • 'UK Culture Day' scheduled in May will present various exhibitions, workshops and collateral events that represents the UK’s literature, tea culture, ceramic arts, performing arts.
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UK/Korea 2017-18