Tuesday 01 August 2017 to Sunday 31 December 2017
KangKangee Arts Village, Busan

Busan-Sheffield: Inter-City Arts Project is an urban-regeneration project that connects the two industrial cities, Busan and Sheffield, which are both going through an urban regeneration through creative and artistic projects. Three artists were commissioned to yield different kinds of the site-specific artworks, after completing a research trip to KangKangee village in August. Through various exchanges and collaborations between the two cities, this project seeks to embellish each city’s identity in its own unique way.

This project is part of KangKangee Arts Village Project that is also in partnership with City-of-Ideas, run by Site Gallery in Sheffield,UK.

Busan-Sheffield: Inter-City Arts Project 

Main Artworks and Artists
1) Street Art (Mural) by Paul Morrison
KkangKkangee Arts village had been redecorating the old and run-down buildings that are in need of repainting by putting up a mural instead of plain painting, together with local artists. Paul Morrison had been also given of the old building in poor condition to use as his blank canvas. Using his fantastical drawings in black-and-white style, he plans to create an impactful drawing which will brighten up the atmosphere of the block.

Paul Morrison is an English painter based in Sheffield and London. He received a BA in fine art from Sheffield City Polytechnic and then continued his studies at Goldsmiths College of Art in London for his MA. Paul Morrison makes bold, black-and-white, fantastical landscape paintings, wall drawings, sculptures, and animations, culling imagery from a range of periods and genres that encompasses Disney cartoons, botanical illustrations, and Northern Renaissance woodcuts.

2) Public Installation(Light) by Ben Tew, in association with Universal Everything

Ben Tew, in association with Universal Everything is famous for the installation that corresponds to the surrounding environment. The artist was asked to install light works to brighten up a pathway along the coast where the ships are anchored. During the research trip, the artist had a focused look on the area, investigating what could be done for both aesthetic and practical purpose for the residents. 

Ben Tew is a UK-based artist who has Master in Design Studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Design (MDes), a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master of Industrial Design from Virginia Tech. He is a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, teaching new MA Design (Interaction) course. He has a wealth of experience across the globe working on design solutions for clients such as Coca-Cola, Dyson and LG. For this project, he will be associated with the Universal Everything, a design collective that Ben works closely with for many projects. 

3) Graphic Novel by Mark Stafford

Graphic Novelist Mark Stafford had taken 2-weeks long research in KkangKkangee village, Busan. Given opportunities a look at the current and history of the city, the artist will create about 20-pagse long graphic novel that illustrates young-do specific stories, combined with fresh view points from the outsiders (foreigner’s) perspective. The resulting work will be exhibited at the community centre during the opening events and also published as a part of KkangKkangee Village catalogue/mini-book. 

Mark Stafford is a cartoonist and comics creator living in London, England. he writes, draws and paints his own material, and works in collaboration with others. With the writer David Hine he produced the British Comics Awards shortlisted the Man Who Laughs, an adaptation of Victor Hugo’s work. He is proud to have been the Cartoonist in Residence for the Cartoon Museum in London’s Bloomsbury for ten years now, and will fight anyone who tries to take his place.


Opening Events & Wrap Around Activities
Thursday 26 Oct (Busan)
Yang Dabang Round Table
(Closed event with audience limited to 20 ppl)
A discussion session with UK artists and Korean artist will take place at an old café called Yang Dabang which has been around since 40 years ago. Conversations between the artists and organisers will be followed by Q&A session.
Project Overview & Presentation
(Public event with audience limited to 60 ppl)
A brief on Busan-Sheffield Intercity Arts Project will be presented by Plan B. Youngdo village’s residents are invited so they can have a better understanding of the arts& culture projects that had been carried out in their own town.
Artist Tour
(Public event)
A short promenade/stroll around KangKangee Art village will take place. Paul Morrison and Ben Tew will each explain the journey he has taken (artistically and realistically) to achieve the resulting work.
Rooftop Party
(Closed event with audience limited to 60 ppl)
A party with DJ set will take place at Manyeong’s (one of the participating artist as well as Installation Director) atelier. Participating artists (both UK and Korea) along with field experts and partners will be present.
Friday 27 Oct (Busan)
Kangkangee Book Concert
(Public event with audience limited to 60 ppl)
An event to celebrate the publishing of second book on KangKangee village is prepared. The book includes creative and artistic contents inspired out of Kangkangee Arts village. Here, a graphic novel drawn and written by UK artist Mark Stafford after his 2-weeks of research will be exhibited at the venue. His novel will be included in the 3rd edition which will be published next year.
Tuesday 31 Oct (Seoul)
City Conference: Arts and the City
(Pre-registration required. Audience limited to 150ppl)
Seungwook Lee from Plan B will participate and share Busan-Sheffield: Intercity-Arts Project at the conference designed by UK/Korea 2017–18’s another City-themed project, Connected City. At the conference, artists, curators, producers, and policy makers from UK and Korea will share and discuss their views and ideas, and will question about the role of arts and culture for the future city.


KangKangee Arts Village

KANGKANGEE Village, which is a socks-shaped village, is at the opposite side of Jagalchi Market, Yeongdo Bridge, and Namhang Bridge. There is a lighters wharf, which is full of ships, and there are nearly 10 shipyards where ships are actively incoming and outcoming. Hence, it shows the originality of Busan as the capital of marine culture, which originated and flourished from its harbor. Daepyeong-dong is the birthplace of the modern shipbuilding industry, in which “Tanaka Shipyard”, the first modern shipyard in the late 19th century, was founded. Since then, it has been widely known for shipbuilding and ship-repairing, so that people has said, “There is no ship that cannot be repaired in Daepyeong-dong.” Still, dozens of repair shipyards and nearly 200 small industrial companies and vessel parts companies occupy most of the space in the village, showing the history of the shipbuilding industry.

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