Monday 10 July 2017 to Friday 08 September 2017
Space K_Gwacheon

British contemporary art draws a good deal of attention internationally, especially after yBa(young British artists) led by Damien Hirst. Beyond the title of the national capital city, London now becomes the landscape of contemporary art. This exhibition retakes London as a creative platform through the participating young artists from the city.

The artists exhibiting this show may have different background and have their own artistic language but they are all settled to work in London. ‘The power of London’ where they reproduce with new creative power of embracing creative energy from the world with no boundaries. The viewer will experience the new paradigm of the art from London, even more the future of contemporary art through the three artists.

The exhibition LONDON NOW will be held in celebration of the 6th year of Space K’s establishment.


  • Date: 10 July – 8 September 2017
  • Venue: Space K_Gwacheon
  • Admission: Free
  • Opening hours: 10.00–18.00 (Mon–Sat)

I'm Painter 

Space K runs a painting programme ‘I’m a Painter’ to visitors of all ages to experience painting. This programme provides a clear acrylic board for all participants. Highly recommend book a ticket in advance due to limited seats for the session. Please make a reservation at 02-3677-3119 or visit Space K website.

Space K_Gwacheon 

Space K is established in 2011 to foster art culture by Kolon group. Setting forth initiative to support art culture and aiming to share it with local community, SPACE K has expanded to two locations in Gwacheon and Daegu. By focusing on creativity of artists and presenting innovative and distinguished contents, SPACE K strives to pioneer a new paradigm in Art for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) and CSV(Creative Shared Value).


Anna Freeman Bentley

Anna Freeman Bentley builds her own painting by focusing to the relations derived from the observation of the indoor space and the environment surrounding modern people. Her works gives a sense to the viewers without placing the character on the canvas but only the objects, subtly intervening the features of the place as well as the hidden context outside the screen. For this exhibition, her new series of works depicting the private places for limited members will be introduced. 


Benjamin Brett

Benjamin Brett's works of free-formations and line paintings, attempts to distance itself from the paragon grammar and customs of painting. The artist disassembles and splits the images extracted from various visual objects found from movie posters and book covers, and juxtaposes them with the paintings. His paintings suggest only minimal sociocultural contexts leaving behind the audience to look freely scattered images and lead them to an interesting interpretive field of own.

Sarah Lederman

Sarah Lederman embeds a rich reference encompassing memories, dreams, fancies and myths on the canvas. Her works of extreme resumption of dense composition and abundant portrayal are a delightful coexistence of hedonistic eroticism based on childhood miraculous fantasies of women, and sketchy drawings which might appear in children's daydream. The images of various spectrums, ranging from the paintings of Middle Ages to the Japanese erotic painting, arise curiosity and stimulate emotions.

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