Wednesday 05 July 2017 to Sunday 24 September 2017
Aram Art Gallery, Goyang

Discover the works of contemporary painters from Korea and the UK at Goyang Aramnuri Aram Art Gallery from 4 July to 24 September 2017.

As part of the UK/Korea 2017–18, Goyang Aramnuri Aram Art Gallery and the British Council present The Painting Show, an exhibition of contemporary paintings by 15 British artists, many which are drawn from the British Council Collection, and eight Korean artists.

The artists from the UK and Korean demonstrate the richness and vigour of contemporary painting and how it can reflect political, religious and social aspects of everyday life and the rise of digital. 

The Painting Show

Participating artists

Merlin Carpenter, Stuart Cumberland, Dexter Dalwood, Kaye Donachie, Michael Fullerton , Celia Hempton, Morag Keil, Fiona MacKay, Lucy McKenzie, Dawn Mellor, Alan Michael, Michael Simpson, Sue Tompkins, Neal Jones, Pádraig Timoney, Eull Kim, Sung Hun Kong, Geun Taek Yoo, Sue Jin Chung, Song Sik Min, Zik Seong Jeong, Ji San Ahn, Ha Young Kim

Dawn Mellor

Dawn Mellor is a London-based artist who is acclaimed as one of the best artists that Royal College of Art has produced. The starting point for Dawn Mellor’s practice is informed by celebrities, idols and icons from various fields and eras. Often made in series, the paintings assume the perspective of an obsessive fan or stalker, with the characteristics associated with pathological criminality, or delinquent sexuality.

Dawn Mellor, Claire as Madame as Queen Elizabeth II, 2013 © Dawn Mellor 2017

Jisan Ahn

Jisan Ahn conveys the work on the canvas right after observing and touching the object. He mainly works to express a direct relationship between the act of painting and actual object. Through dying his hands and foots or washing the paint, he invites the audience to evoke and experience the memories of the author. In recent works, he is expressing the sense of loss with the use of daily landscape, figures or objects that easily disappear. 

Jisan Ahn, Wash foot, 2015 © Jisan Ahn

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UK/Korea 2017-18