Friday 27 October 2017 to Sunday 29 October 2017
Sewoon Complex and Seungyo

Playable City will host a suite of specially created Playable City Experiences. This mini festival of Urban Play will invite the public to explore and reimagine public space along and surrounding the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Based around the themes of the Connected City, these specially commissioned projects will facilitate members of the public to explore their environment in new and exciting ways.

Connected City Playable City

Artist Talk

  • Date and Time: 14.00 27 October 2017
  • Venue: 1st Basement level of Sewoon Complex

About works and participating artists

1. Fishy City by Borahm Kim
  • Time: 15.00, 15.10, 15.20, 15.30, 15.40, 15.50, 16.00, 16.10, 16.20, 16.30 (*Online reservation) 80 mins
  • Venue: Seungyo and Sewoon Complex
  • Pre-registration required ▶ Booking 

You are fishing in Cheonggyecheon. Your goal is to let your fish survive through the rapid change of the city. This play will be a site observation + card game. And through the play you will find your luck and the mystery of Cheonggyecheon.
This play enables participants to explore themes of survival and displacement in Cheonggyecheon. Every element in the city has its own reason for existence. Things of no use are disposed of or disappear eventually.

Borahm Kim
Borahm Kim has mainly produced experimental performances and installations using media such as video, surround sound, installation, performance, and mobile app (APP). She has produced site-specific performances in which the audience moves through the space. They include 57.2 Degree Tilted Terrain (2015); Untitled Mountain (2015) ; Untitled Train (2016); Para-Structures (2017); and Plug-in City (2017). 

2. Media Graffiti by Sun Kim
  • Time: 17.00–22.00
  • Venue: Under the Seungyo 

Participants are invited to enjoy the amusement of graffiti using a media tablet without the environmental pollution caused by spray. This simple project allows people to express their feelings in public using a simple tablet and projections. At the end of the day, the accumulated images will indicate the collected feeling at the site. 

Sun Kim
Sun Kim is an artist, designer and visual director in wide range of media including drawing, installation art, design planning, and public projects by collaborating with people from various fields. She has developed her multi cultural art works. Especially, thorough interlacing the public space like a bus stop and a tube tunnel in London. Her works imply a new trial to break the hierarchical boundaries of private and public space, western and eastern culture, drawing and media art, design and fine art, and subculture, high-culture. 
3. A walk with my DIY PET by Sookyun Yang
  • Time: 15.00–17.00
  • Venue: Between Seungyo and Baeogaedari

The surrounding area of Cheonggyecheon is an industrial district made up of factories and materials. It is hard to walk pets in the area because the Cheonggyecheon has a narrow trail. A walk with my DIY PET transforms this experience into a balloon fish shaped by mass production. These fish-shaped pets, called BLIMPS, float along a narrow walkway and swim across the Cheonggyecheon stream. This site-specific event evokes coordination, strolling, and participation.

Sookyun Yang
Sookyun Yang, who majored in painting and interaction design, defines contemporary media as 'everything produced by technology' and is interested in the sensuous experience created by the physical space filled with this 'technical object'. At present, A-maker in the MMCA Residency Changdong, through digital fabrication, hacking and dealing with mass-produced objects with interest in the way in which the standard technology of the industrial age is accepted in the digital platform and the form embodying it and is proceeding with the work.
4. Dancing in Cheonggyecheon by Eunkyoung Lee, Minji Kim
  • Time: 17.00–22.00
  • Venue: Under the Baeogaedari

An interactive installation using motion recognition technology, 'Dancing in Cheonggyecheon', is a play under Baeogaedari bridge where the audience dances with the animals living in Cheonggyecheon.2005, the Cheonggyecheon stream was restored, and the number of habitats increased as the green tracts were regenerated. Now in its 12th year, Cheonggyecheon, has become popular with the citizens and many animals. 'Dancing in Cheonggyecheon' was born from the idea of people playing with those animals together. People walking on foot will meet animal representatives who now live there. When people move their body, the animals will dance and move with them, making music together. 

Eunkyoung Lee, Minji Kim
Eunkyoung Lee and Minji Kim are an artist and designer duo based in Seoul. Eunkyoung worked as a content designer at d’strict. She was involved in multiple projects including holographic performances and new media exhibitions. Currently, she is working as an artist after obtaining her MFA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths. Minji Kim majored in computer engineering and worked as a software engineer for 7 years in broadcasting and media. She works as an interaction designer after her MA in Interaction Design at Goldsmiths.
5. Bahn by The Strangers at Honja Factory | Do One Im, Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo
  • Time: 17.00, 17.15, 17.30, 17.45 (*Reservation required) 20min
  • Venue: Sewoon Complex and the Allies in the East side of the Complex
  • Pre-registration required ▶ Booking 

The game starts with a text message. The sender is a 17 years old girl called ‘Ban’. She asks audiences for help to find her. As the game continues, the audience explores every corner of streets and narrow allies of the city chasing her traces with a few hints given in her texts. The places and certain milestones that the audiences will pass by are related to Ban’s personal memories and experiences. As each mission or place is reached and cleared, Ban is getting younger by year and eventually she becomes ten. Who is this little girl lost in the strange city? Does she really loose her way?

The Strangers at Honja Factory | Do One Im, Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo
‘The Strangers at Honja Factory’ is a project group of two artists, Do One Im(Honja Factory) and Eunju Hitchcock-Yoo(The Strangers). Do One’s Honja Factory actively explores digital technology and its mechanism to design various art products and devices that would elicit and boost inborn creativity of each individual. Eunju’s The Strangers seeks to expand boundaries of street performance by delivering a new interpretations and an approaches to audiences and spaces. Its other focus is on a development of intimate communications with audiences to have their active interactions in a work.
Tony Kim _ App Developer
6. International Street Game by Rosie Poebright
  • Time: 15.00–18.00
  • Venue: on Seungyo

Playable City will host collection of old and new street games to be played by all ages. Join us for a play session and cross-cultural conversation about why we play in public space. 

Rosie Poebright
Rosie Poebright is a digital artist, a storyteller and real-world game designer. She works with a powerful mix of ingredients to design her experiences – most importantly audience agency, interactivity and embodiment. As Creative Director ofᅠSplash & Ripple:ᅠ"Architects of Extraordinary Adventures" she makes experiences that transport people from their normal everyday lives to an extraordinary space where they can play with new ways of thinking, feeling and being. As Creative Director of playful experience agencyᅠSplash & Ripple she works across live events (multi-location theatrical street games) and long term installed adventures in museums and heritage sites. An academic grounding in Psychology and Anthropology informs Rosie's people-centric focus, she's designed pervasive games and playful happenings since 2007.
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