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Tim Spooner

Friday 21 July 2017 to Sunday 23 July 2017
Culture Station Seoul 284

The Clock of Time Traveler is a multidisciplinary arts program that allows you to enjoy the meaning of time through various artworks and performances. It will be held from May 17 to July 23, for 59 days in the squares and all open spaces of Culture Station Seoul 284. On the last three days of this programme, London based artist Tim Spooner’s The Telescope will be showcased to the public.

Tim Spooner The Telescope

  • Date & Time
    Fri 21 July 15.00–15.25, 16.30–16.55, 19.00–19.25, 20.30–20.55
    Sat 22 July 13.00–13.25, 14.30–14.55, 16.00–16.25, 17.30–17.55
    Sun 23 July 13.00–13.25, 14.30–14.55, 16.00–16.25, 17.30–17.55
  • Venue: The Third-Class Waiting Room of Culture Station Seoul 284
  • Running Time: 25mins
  • Admission: Free
  • More Information: Culture Station Seoul 284's website

Tim Spooner

Tim Spooner works from London on correspondences between the physical world and the world of ideas. In his solo work, Tim combines his fascination with object manipulation and puppetry with drawing, painting and performance. Playing with scale and perspective, the resulting surreal shows reveal the particular and sometimes idiosyncratic properties of the objects he is handling. Since 2010 he has been performing a series of metaphysical puppet shows where objects are manipulated and their particular properties are revealed. These shows are: The Grid of Life, The Magic Bird Garden Room, 24 Grotesque Manipulations and The Assembly of Animals. Often shows are performed alongside paintings.

The Telescope

The Telescope underwent a traumatic relocation and its lenses and mirrors became hopelessly rearranged. It was impossible to tell anymore whether the view through the Telescope was of the surface of a distant planet or a microscopic reflection of the interior of the viewer’s own eye. Nevertheless this new world was studied and documented thoroughly. The Telescope looks through a broken telescope at a world which responds to being watched, a reflection of the watcher. A series of magnetic and chemical events are enacted under a microscope camera and presented live as a documentary account of an uncertain landscape. The performance can be accompanied by an exhibition of miniature sculptures, paintings and collages depicting other facets of this terrain, its inhabitants, its monuments and its natural processes.

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