A photo of The Golden Dragon opera performance with a character jumping on stage.
Set in a Pan-Asian restaurant found in any city anywhere, The Golden Dragon is a compelling fable of modern life - funny, shocking and touching in equal measure.  ©

Clive Barda

The compelling opera 'The Golden Dragon' by Music Theatre Wales was performed at Tongyeong International Music Festival

Following its success with Greek in 2015, Music Theatre Wales returned to Tongyeong International Music Festival with another thrilling new opera by Peter Eötvös, brought to life with their characteristic theatrical flair and musical virtuosity.

The 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) saw a special focus on British film maker Michael Winterbottom

JIFF screened selected works of Winterbottom in three categories, and the programme included a master class with the director with the aim to offer a new perspective on Europe’s present and consider where contemporary cinema is headed post-1990s.

A portrait of filmmaker Michael Winterbottom
Undoubtedly a passionate and prolific filmmaker, Winterbottom has directed over 40 films.  ©

Michael Winterbottom

A photo of Neil Brownsword's exhibition 'Factory' at the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB)
Neil Brownsword's exhibition 'Factory' raised awareness of the increasingly threatened cultural heritage that has supported North Staffordshire’s local economy for nearly 300 years.
A still from Isaac Julien's film Playtime.
A still from Playtime. Isaac Julien's work engages with postcolonialism, migration and diaspora, racism and minor gender identities as thematic approach.  ©

Isaac Julien and Victoria Miro Gallery, London 

Neil Brownsword’s exhibition 'Factory' was shown at the Gyeonggi Int'l Ceramic Biennale 2017

As a part of the UK/Korea 2017–18 programme, British artist Neil Brownsword was given a dedicated hall within the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB), where he presented the exhibition 'Factory'.

The exhibition shed light on the displacement of intangible cultural heritage in North Staffordshire’s ceramics industry and invited viewers to ask questions about the value and relevance of inter-generational skills.

UK film artist Isaac Julien presented a solo exhibition, 'Playtime', for the first time in Korea

Throughout the extensive solo exhibition at Platform-L Contemporary Art Centre, Isaac examined inevitable and fundamental questions around capitalism, labour and the art market of our time.

The exhibition consisted of three works including Playtime (2014), functioning as the major axis to the constellation paired to Kapital (2013), and finally The Leopard (2007), which renders historic traumas into a choreography playing on the border of life and death.