Two dancers performing during Wayne McGregor's dance piece 'Atomos'.
A vision of future worlds was presented through Wayne McGregor's unique dance piece Atomos at the LG Arts Centre in Seoul.  ©

Ravi Deepres 

Mullti-award-winning British choreographer, Wayne McGregor presented his work 'Atomos'

Internationally renowned for his unique, tenacious questioning across the interface of art and science and through the body and mind, McGregor has remained at the forefront of contemporary arts for the past twenty years.  

Aided by computer programmes, innovative lighting designs, 3D projections and ultra-modern sounds, McGregor creates images of superb beauty and finesse. 

UK artists were invited to take part in the Ansan Street Arts Festival 

Participating artist groups from the UK included the theatrial company Whalley Range All Stars and dance theatre Company Chameleon.

Delegates from the UK took part in the first UK-Korea Creative Education: research and roundtable discussions

We collaborated with the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) to support and strengthen the role of arts and cultural learning in schools in Korea and the UK. 

The first exchange programme was held in Seoul, with seven delegates from the UK visiting Korea for research and round table discussions on creative education to improve the understandings of current context in the UK and Korea and examine new ways to develop creative practices.


‘Ye Gods’ by Whalley Range All Stars ©

2017 Ansan Street Arts Festival

A group photo of the vocal ensemble The Tallis Scholars.
The Tallis Scholars concerts included a mass by Thomas Tallis, signature figure of the English Renaissance as well as the origin of the vocal ensemble's name. ©

Eric Richmond

Poster for the 36th Modern Dance Festival
BalletBoyz, a British ballet company founded in 2000 with 10 amazing male dancers opened the 36th Modern Dance Festival (MODAFE).  ©

Modern Dance Festival

World-renowned vocal ensemble The Tallis Scholars performed in Seoul and Daegu

Founded by Peter Philips in 1973 and specialising in vocal music from the Renaissance era, The Tallis Scholars's concerts gave the Korean audiences a rare opportunity to appreciate English and Italian renaissance vocal music. 

The 36th Modern Dance Festival (MODAFE) opened with leading UK dance company Ballet Boyz’s 'Life'

As part of Ballet Boyz's first visit to Korea they performed 'Life', consisting of 'Rabbit' by Pontus Lidberg and 'Fiction' by Javier de Frutos, showcasing the muscular beauty and strength of the male body.