Our UK Education Specialist Agents training aims to foster knowledgeable agents and help them provide accurate information about education in the UK to their clients. It is open to all agents who have been a registered business in Korea for at least one year. 

The training covers the UK education system and studying and living in the UK. Training is provided online and face-to-face. It is followed by a test, which is designed to make agents think about realistic situations, and to apply their training to those situations. This test itself is a good example of the UK educational approach, which focuses on teaching students how to think, not just what to think. The pass rate for the test in 2017 is 86%. 

Directory of UK Educational Specialists

This is a directory of agents who have successfully completed the British Council's training and passed the test. These agents are entitled to use our web banner, which is an indication of their knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to the promotion of UK education.

Please note that this training programme is NOT an accreditation or quality assurance scheme. We can offer no guarantee as to the quality of customer service or information provided by any individual agent. We reserve the right to refuse training to an agent, or to remove an agent from this list if we receive evidence of misrepresentation or fraud.