Teacher takeaway webinars Season 2

About the webinar series

The Teacher Takeaway Korea webinar series for English teachers: Season 2 is brought to you by the British Council in cooperation with the Seoul National University of Education (SNUE). The webinar series consists of five webinars and presents useful case studies and methods for utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, metaverse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), etc. in the field of English education. It also provides methods to more effectively apply relevant online resources from the British Council's TeachingEnglish platform in English classes within the context of the 2022 Revised National Curriculum. Webinar Series Season 2 is a web seminar for the continuous professional development of English teachers, following Season 1 (2022 Revised English National Curriculum in Korea: ELT and Materials Development). 

We encourage pre- and in-service primary and secondary English teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and individuals interested in English education to participate in these webinars.

Benefits of attending the webinar series

  • Choose from 5 hours of interactive sessions, completely online and free to attend.
  • Get insights into leveraging human-centric artificial intelligence (AI) for augmented capabilities.
  • Understand the evolving role of educators in the AI era. 
  • Learn how cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the metaverse can be integrated to develop experiential English learning content.
  • Explore various edtech solutions, ranging from commercial programs to generative artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Get practical teaching tips and advice from our expert panellists.


  • An e-certificate (attendance only) will be issued by the British Council for attendees after each Zoom live session upon successful completion of the post-event survey.
  • An accredited teacher training e-certificate (Training credited for five hours, issued by the Education Training Center at SNUE for in-service primary and secondary teachers. This is achieved through participating in 90% of Zoom live sessions and completion of the post-event surveys). If you wish to receive this certificate upon completion of the webinar series, please sign up and/or update your information on the Education Training Center at SNUE in advance of the events.

Webinar theme

Teaching English using educational technology and web resources

When: 10 November – 8 December 2023

Where: Online – Zoom 

Registration: You can register for each day’s Zoom sessions by clicking the ‘register now’ button. After registering you’ll receive an email with your attendee link. 

Fee: Free

Organiser: British Council

Language: Webinars 1, 2 and 3 will be delivered in Korean, and Webinars 4 and 5 will be delivered in English.

Certification: Participants will receive an e-certificate at the end of the workshop.

[Webinar Schedule]

  Time and date Topic and Panellist

10 November Friday

Topic: Creating experiential English learning content and environment using educational technology

Panellist: Yohan Hwang (Professor, Jeonju University)

Language: Korean

Watch the recording and download the presentation file 

2 17 November Friday

Topic: Practical application of educational technology for primary and secondary English classrooms

Panellist: Rakhun Kim (Teacher, Sungdong High School; Visiting Professor, HUFS)

Language: Korean

Watch the recording and download the presentation file

3 24 November Friday

Topic: Generative AI and metaverse for tomorrow’s English teachers

Panellist: HyeJin Lee (Professor, Wonkwang University) 

Language: Korean

Watch the recording and download the presentation file

4 1 December Friday

Topic: Adapting TeachingEnglish web-based resources for the Korean classroom

Panellist: Fraser Bewick (Senior Academic Consultant, British Council)

Language: English

Watch the recording and download the presentation file


8 December Friday

Topic:Using digital resources to develop intercultural communication and global citizenship in English classrooms

Panellist: Ian Caddy (Educational Consultant, British Council) 

Language: English

Watch the recording and download the presentation file

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