The Teacher Takeaway Korea webinar series for English teachers: Season 2 is brought to you by the British Council in cooperation with the Seoul National University of Education (SNUE). The webinar series consists of five webinars and presents useful case studies and methods for utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology, metaverse, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), etc. in the field of English education. It also provides methods to more effectively apply relevant online resources from the British Council's TeachingEnglish platform in English classes within the context of the 2022 Revised National Curriculum. Webinar Series Season 2 is a web seminar for the continuous professional development of English teachers, following Season 1 (2022 Revised English National Curriculum in Korea: ELT and Materials Development). 

We encourage pre- and in-service primary and secondary English teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and individuals interested in English education to participate in these webinars.

Chairperson and Panellists

Professor Kyungja Ahn

Kyungja Ahn (Professor, Seoul National University of Education)

Kyungja Ahn's research interests include second language teacher education, teaching and assessing L2 learners, L2 curriculum and education policy, and technology mediated L2 learning and teaching. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses and conducted workshops and seminars for both pre- and in-service English teachers. She has participated in the development of the National English Curriculum and English language textbooks for primary and secondary school students in Korea. 

Professor Yohan Hwang

Yohan Hwang (Professor, Jeonju University)

Yohan Hwang is currently interested in using AI technology and metaverse in English education and teacher education. He co-authored books on applying ICT, metaverse, AI, and ChatGPT in English language learning and teaching. He has participated in research projects on ELT integrated with AI technology supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea as a principal investigator and is a co-researcher in developing a teacher supporting AI system and evaluating its effectiveness.

Rakhun Kim

Rakhun Kim (Teacher, Sungdong High School / Visiting Professor, HUFS)

Rakhun Kim has worked as an English teacher for the past 15 years, and recently he has taught pre- and in-service English teachers in the English Education Department at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS). His research interests include AI-based English education, English speaking and writing instruction, as well as generative syntax and construction grammar. He has developed an AI chatbot for Korean English learners to promote their speaking and writing skills.

Professor Hyejin Lee

HyeJin Lee (Professor, Wonkwang University)

HyeJin Lee is keen in integrating cutting-edge technology into the realm of English instruction. Funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea, she created the ONEPASS app in 2020. After the "Metaverse English education leading strategy" in 2022, she is working on a “sustainable education reform strategies” project in 2023. She now leads the “High-tech glocal pre-service teacher training” project and manages the “Metaversity META development program.”

Fraser Bewick

Fraser Bewick (Senior Academic Consultant, British Council)

Fraser Bewick has over 20 years’ experience of English language teaching, training and consultancy in various areas within ELT and English-medium Higher Education in China and other contexts across East Asia. Fraser has worked in both private and public education sectors and has participated in and managed education projects across the region. He was the lead foreign author and consultant for the PEP Primary textbook series currently used by millions of students in public schools across China.

Ian Caddy

Ian Caddy (Educational Consultant, British Council)

Ian Caddy has worked in English language education for the last eighteen years and has taught adults and children of all ages and worked extensively in teacher and examiner training and management. Having worked in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and in both public and private education systems, he is keen to share his experiences of how best to engage learners with topics that challenge us all as global citizens in the modern world.