Learn English with the English experts

All of our teachers are highly qualified, with professional teaching qualifications such as CELTA, CertTESOL and DELTA, and experienced experts at teaching English. 

Some of our teachers have specific experience, such as teaching business English or English via online classes.

So, you will always have a highly qualified teacher, experienced in teaching to your particular English needs, to support your learning with us. Meet some of our teachers below.

Michael Green

"I'm interested in learner motivation and giving many opportunities to speak and develop fluency. I think people learn quickly when they have fun and follow personal interests. When I'm not busy, I enjoy cooking, reading good books and urban hiking."

  • Diploma in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • Certificate in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • BA Design & Art Direction, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Has been teaching for over 13 years in Korea, Italy, Spain and the UK

Colin Thorpe

"In the classroom, I like my lessons to be engaging and challenging. I'm interested in developing my students' vocabulary and personalised ways of communication. I use my knowledge of learning and speaking Korean to help me teach Korean students."

  • MA in Applied Linguistics
  • BA in French & German TEFL Diploma 
  • Long career in teaching English including Finland, Hungary, the UK, Germany, and currently South Korea 

David Pegg

"I like to create a classroom where communication can take place. I want students to feel at ease and open in discussions, making errors and developing little by little, day by day. In my free time I enjoy playing football and watching films."

  • Diploma in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • CELTA, Cambridge University
  • BA Business, Nottingham Trent University
  • Has been teaching in Japan and Korea since 2007

Douglas Turner

"In my classes, I really enjoy building on fluency by introducing common phrases and fun idioms that natives use. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, listening to music and exploring new areas of Seoul with friends."

  • CELTA Qualified
  • Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies (BA), Newcastle University 
  • 5 years teaching experience in Korea, Japan, Australia, Spain, Mexico and Brazil

Mark Freeman

"I'm particularly interested in teaching new vocabulary while focusing on improving fluency. In my free time I enjoy cycling, football, hiking, travelling, music, painting, cooking, military history, driving my car and spending time with my son."

  • Diploma in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • CELTA, Cambridge University

Michael Man

"I enjoy having more personal and creative types of classes, and challenging students to improve their skills whenever possible. I’ve been living in Seoul for over 5 years and I’m a big fan of roastery cafes and Korean BBQ in Korea."

  • Has been teaching in Korea since 2015, and also taught in Spain, Italy, Poland, Latvia and UK.
  • Certificate in TESOL, Trinity College London
  • BA Geography, Brunel University

Peter Clarkin

"I teach students to speak in a friendlier way as this is something that they aren't always taught in textbooks. English is a language, not a subject and I want to help students express themselves in a natural way, I don't want to create robots."

  • MA in Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen 
  • Has been teaching English for over 10 years in Ilsan, Euljiro and Gangnam

Peter Marron

"I’m interested in how individual students learn language in different ways and I believe motivation is the key to success. I prepare my classes with this in mind. I enjoy travelling, cooking, reading, music, movies, cycling and swimming."

  • Cambridge Level 5 Certificate in Further Education Teaching
  • I have extensive experience teaching English in many countries including the UK, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong

Richard Hawkes

"There are lots of great learners in Korea and I love the energy they bring to the classes. I think speaking naturally through communication activities is a great way to get better at English. In my free time, I explore Korea by hiking and cycling."

  • DELTA, Cambridge University
  • BA Sociology
  • 15 years of teaching experience

Ross Davis

"I like to encourage fluency skills and improve vocabulary of my students in the classroom. In my free time I like to play football and spend time with the wife and daughter."

  • TESOL Trinity Diploma 
  • BA Media and Production, University of Ulster
  • Has been teaching English for over 10 years in Korea, Thailand, and Japan.