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myclass student: Jaewon Ha

One of the things I improved the most is my confidence when I talk in English.

I first started to attend British Council through my aunt’s recommendation. After the Korean SAT, I spent a lot of time doing nothing because I didn’t know what to do. My aunt told me about her learning experience in university and the importance of learning English.

One of the things I improved the most is my confidence when I talk in English. When I first started, I felt awkward and embarrassed talking to anonymous people about different topics. But I was soon able to gain confidence after listening to class for about 5 times. Because of the confidence I gained, I didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed when I went on a trip abroad and talked to foreign people about various things. 

Another strength the British Council has is that individuals do not memorize words systematically, but teachers correct individuals when they use wrong grammar or wrong phrases simultaneously. Personally, I don’t like to memorize vocabularies nor am I good at memorizing them, but it was good that I was able to ask teachers whenever I was stuck. They would tell us different words that could be used in those situations, and I would write them down in my note book and review them.

Also, its assessment system helped me because it allowed me to look at my progress objectively so that I could focus on the things that I lacked in.

I’ve been attending the British Council's classes for about a year. When there’s school, I would focus on my studies during my vacation. As I’ve been studying English for a year here in the British Council, I strongly believe that I will be able to improve my speaking ability, and I feel proud that I am getting better inch by inch.