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myclass student: Jinju Kim

The British Council made me enjoy learning English. It is the only place where I don’t feel pressured when I set my foot inside the classroom.

I have started attending British Council as a Pre-intermediate student for seven months since last August. I have acquired many enjoyable memories and experienced new teaching methods, which intrigued me to write a class review.

I still remember the day when I had my first class here in the British Council. The class, which was led by Bishop, talked about a hero that one experienced or heard of. I didn’t know any heroes nor have I experienced any, so I had hard time trying to talk about things that I wasn’t well aware of. However, three of my table mates were very fluent and started to talk about their daily lives, including the topic for the day. It didn’t really matter whether or not their points were a little bit off, I was amazed by the fact that people were able to express their feelings and share stories in English comfortably. I wondered if I could be like them. 

The strongest impression that left me dazed was the teacher’s kindness and complimenting skills. I’ve never experienced such a teaching method but only realized after attending the British Council. I realized that the single most important thing about learning a language is to acknowledge your mistake and ask for help even if that might embarrass you for a second. All the teachers were prepared for any kinds of questions and were very kind. It’s difficult to express how comforting they are, and I strongly recommend other people to learn English in such an environment. The little compliments made me enjoy every class, and I felt like I was going to class to have a delightful conversation with the teachers. Also, I was able to learn a lot of things from different people in different classes.

Second impression came from a mix of daily topics and business related topics.

If one looks at the class topics that the British Council offers, it’s a mixture of daily topics and things that one may come across in their companies. It’s not textbook English that we experienced when we were in high school. It’s about things that we can talk about in our daily lives. It’s about things that we thought it was right but in fact, it’s not. It’s about things that might happen in companies such as interviews and meetings. Daily conversation allows people to use English more naturally in our lives and business English helps us to prepare for unknown upcoming events. When I come across points that I’m not sure of, I would ask other company staffs seated next to me. 

Third impression is the free MyClub sessions.

MyClub allows people to approach English culturally and grammatically. One can attend a class regarding grammar, ted, business case study and daily conversation. People can book it beforehand and attend the class with fifteen other people for about an hour. There’s a level difference for each of the class but the institution recommends classes for different levels, making it easier for students to choose a class of their interest. I strongly recommend people to take variety of classes because it became a stimulant for me to gain more interest in learning English. Some MyClub classes conduct difficult topics; it encourages me to listen to other people’s thoughts, allowing me to expand my view. Overall, it’s useful for individuals to be engaged in current issues, actualities and new technologies. 

There are more than these three things in which why I think British Council is a place to study at. Student advisors care for each individual regardless of the population of students. The institution allows students to borrow books free of charge. It gives assessments to students every ten classes to check how they are doing regarding different criteria. Less-populated-classroom-system plays another big role as well. 

I remember when I had a learning counselling with a student advisor regarding study review and grammar. The counselling was more thorough and detailed than I expected, and it helped me a lot. She looked at the review notes I took and pinpointed my strengths and weaknesses. She also proposed her studying methods. When I took the test to move up a level, I never thought that test could be done freely and comfortably. It was a simple interview with a delightful teacher. After the interview, he identified my pros and cons so that I could regain my study balance. I’ve never experienced such a test, and my foot was light on my way home.  

British Council made me enjoy learning English. I’ve been to various academies but British Council is the only place where I don’t feel pressured when I set my foot inside the classroom. It allowed me to approach English in various ways and currently, I do self-study by watching Youtube and meeting foreign friends. I was amazed by the fact that a single institution could change me as a whole, and I’m glad that I found such a place. Another strength is that I’m able to attend classes within my designated schedule, and I think this allows me to be on my foot at all time. I strongly advise to people to be a part of small events that British Council provides. It’s a great opportunity for people to experience British culture through parties and book events.