myClass Methodology

Getting started

It is important to us that you can make the most of your time studying with us. That is why we provide the support that you need. You can take a free induction lesson with us where you will be given guidance and advice on how to book the lessons that best suit you and your needs using the Online Booking System or myClass app. 

Booking lessons

You can book online or through our mobile myClass app. With the Study Planner you can filter the lesson schedule by day, time, topic or teacher, and then book or star the results for booking later. This makes finding the perfect match for you even easier. Watch out for interesting challenges to help you win rewards as you complete your lessons and themes. 

During your studies

Our teachers will monitor your progress and evaluate your performance every 10 lessons giving you results through the Online Booking System or myClass app. Plus, through our online support, you can complete exercises and get further feedback. This feeds your personal Learning Index. This is a weekly progress update score which demonstrates how you are progressing in all aspects of your myClass experience. Most important of all you can use what you studied in the lesson in your everyday life, so this is the real test of your learning.