Boost the fluency of pre-school children from English kindergartens in Korea or abroad 

On this course your child will


  • speak clearly and confidently in front of people in my class 
  • ask questions in order to get more information
  • talk about the main characters within a well-known story


  • explain what I think a text is about 
  • combine words to make a sentence
  • join two sentences using ‘and’
  • use capital letters to start a sentence  

Course Outline 

An Enquiry-based Approach 

We encourage our students to research, investigate and problem solve within topics, as well as developing critical thinking skills and producing real world tasks.

Growth mindset

We believe that a child’s mindset is not fixed, but that children can develop their talents through hard work, determination and good strategies for learning when supported by input from others and collaborating with others in a safe and secure environment. 

Parent's benefit from:

  • knowing your child is being taught in a safe environment by expert teachers
  • seeing your child develop in person during our open classes
  • attending parent's workshops to get updates on your child's progress
  • learning useful ideas for supporting your child at home 

Course information

  • For who

    Age 6 (Korean age: 7) pre-school children  

  • Course format

    • One-year course, broken down into two 5 session terms 
    • Children attend classes once a week 
  • Course locations

  • Sessions

    Session Start Dates End Dates
    Session 3 24 February 23 March
    Session 4 24 March 20 April
    Session 5 21 April 25 May
    Session 6 26 May 22 June
    Session 7 23 June 20 July

Seocho Centre

T/Th 13.00–15.00