Learn English with the British Council Korea

On this course your child will

  • learn to use grammar and vocabulary for meaningful communication
  • gain the confidence needed to speak and write with fluency
  • develop the language and social skills that will give a competitive advantage at school and in later life

Course outline

These classes will transform your child’s knowledge and understanding into the ability to communicate. This programme enhances the language skills of middle school students ranging in ability from elementary to upper-intermediate. 

We employ a wide range of texts that are both skill-level appropriate and authentic, to boost your children’s reading and listening skills, expand their vocabulary, and improve both awareness and understanding of grammar.

Learners complete guided communicative tasks and play interactive games that immediately provide a real purpose for using language. Teachers will guide and encourage your child in activities. These develop their ability to speak and write with increased fluency and accuracy as they move up through the course levels. 

Course information

  • Levels

    Middle school students: Level 1A~5B

  • Course format

    Children attend once a week.

    Classes are available on Sunday mornings and afternoons.

  • Course locations

  • Sessions

    Session Start Dates End Dates
    Session 3 24 February 23 March
    Session 4 24 March 20 April
    Session 5 21 April 25 May
    Session 6 26 May 22 June
    Session 7 23 June 20 July

City Hall

Sunday 9.30–13.45


Sunday 9.30–13.45