The British Council only experience the special social programmes to participate in the culture of native speakers to learn English with a teacher, also improve your English language skills naturally.

Please see the latest programme schedule in Gangnam Centre and Euljiro Centre by clicking on the banner on the right-hand column. If you want to participate in the programmes, please register at the infromation desk of each centre or contact us online

Our social programmes

Please find the details of our social programmes below.

myClub - grammar workshop 

Need some help with your grammar? Come to our grammar workshop armed with questions that you need explaining. Your grammar expert will also take you through an area of grammar that Korean students find difficult.

myClub – Writing workshop

Want to improve your writing? Our writing expert can show you the skills needed to improve your written communication.  

myClub - Pronunciation workshop

Having problems with pronunciation? At the pronunciation workshop you can discover some common pronunciation problems for Korean learners and get some good ways to fix them.

Pub Night

Come and chat in English and share a drink with teachers and students. Make friends and have fun. 

Great British Quiz Night

Test your knowledge of British trivia and have fun with teachers and students at our ‘pub quiz’ style evening hosted by the quizmaster, Adam Cann.

※ Please note: Tickets for this event are 5,000won each and can only be purchased from the British Council reception. There is no online sign-up.

British vs American English

'Two countries separated by a common language'. Lift or elevator? Motorway or freeway? Join Jamin and Ian as they compare their native American and British English tongues.   

Hiking club

Get fit and chat in English. Join our teachers for a hike in the Seoul area. 

※ Please note: Dependent on the weather. Students will be informed 24 hours before if the event is going ahead or not.

Ted Talks 

Join Amira to watch, discuss and learn from the famous TED talk series. Amira will give you new vocabulary, new ideas and show you how you can exploit these great resources in your own time. 

My Town

Want to know more about the UK? Join our teachers talking about their home towns. What’s it like to live there? Student life, local universities, things to see and do.

Literature Club

Want to practice your reading skills with some interesting short stories or plays? Join our avid reading fan Ian Caddy to learn and expand your horizons, and maybe even act out a play.

Philosophy club

Join our philosophy experts Adam to practice your English and learn some interesting new facts and ideas about Western philosophy. The perfect club for those who want to expand their horizons. 

Baseball Trip

The perfect way to unwind after a long week at work. Join baseball fanatics, Blaine and Ed the mighty Doosan Bears take on local rivals the LG Twins ;-). Chat baseball, drink beer and eat chicken, fantastic! 

※ Please note: We will be meeting at the Gwanghwamun Centre reception at 5.15pm or Jamsil Sports Complex (exit 6) at 6.15pm.