Thursday 12 December 2013 -
19:00 to 20:00
Gwanghwamun Centre of the British Council Korea

The British Council Korea presents Brits Talk Korea, a series of presentation by British authors, journalists and public figures who live in Korea. The fourth presenter is, An Sonjae (Brother Anthony), an Emeritus Professor at Sogang University. 

Brits Talk Korea: Special Presentation Series 04

His talk will be on the Korean poets and writers he has translated. He will focus on the lives of the poets lived in the context of modern Korean history, which are often almost as interesting as what they wrote. The poets he will discuss are Kim Yeong-Nang, So Jong-ju, Ku Sang, Chon Sang-Byong, Ko Un, Shin Kyong-Nim, Kim Kwang-kyu, Yi Mun-Yol, Lee Si-Young, Kim Seung-Hee amongst others.



An Sonjae (Brother Anthony) is a member of the Community of Taizé (France). Born in Britain in 1942, he has been living in Korea since 1980, teaching English literature in Sogang University (Seoul), where he is now an Emeritus Professor. He is also a Chair-Professor at Dankook University, and President of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch. A Korean citizen since 1994, An Sonjae is his legal Korean name. He has published some thirty volumes of English translations of Korean literature, mostly poetry, including works by Ku Sang, Ko Un, Ch’on Sang-Pyong, So Chong-Ju, Kim Su-Yong, Shin Kyong-Nim, Yi Si-Young, Kim Kwang-Kyu, and Yi Mun-yol. 


The British Council presents 'Brits Talk Korea', a new series of presentations by British authors, journalists and public figures who live in Korea. Every month, you are invited to attend a talk at our centre in Gwanghwamun by speakers who will share their unique insight into their special topic.