Sunday 06 October 2019 to Saturday 30 November 2019
City Hall / Mokdong / Seocho / Ilsan Young Learner Centre

British Council Young Learners Centre is running the annual Reading Challenge, a programme which aims to encourage children to read more books. This year, the theme is ‘Space Chase’, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

2019 Reading Challenge ‘Space Chase’

Your child help our super space family, the Rockets, on a special mission – and have tons of fun along the way!

It’s totally free and to get started all your child has to do is sign up at their local British Council centre where they will be given a special mission folder to keep a record of their Reading Challenge journey. As they read their books, each child will receive special stickers to complete their mission folder. 

Children are encouraged to read at least six books.

They can be any books they like – novels, fact books, joke books, e-books or audio books, they all count –and your British Council centre will have staff on hand to help children choose books they will really enjoy.

What is the Reading Challenge?

The Reading Challenge is a programme co-ordinated by the Reading Agency  which aims to encourage children to read more books.

It is run in UK libraries during the summer holidays. A modified version is offered to British Council centres who run the Challenge in their libraries, teaching centres and in local schools across the globe.

Every year the Reading Challenge has a different theme – this year it is ‘Space Chase’.

The Challenge is supported by an interactive website with a range of children’s activities.

The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment and the programme is very popular with children and parents.

British Council Reading Challenge

With the expansion of the Reading Challenge in the UK, a lot of British Council teaching centres in different countries run the Reading Challenge every year. Last year’s Reading Challenge (Mishief Makers) reached thousands of children.