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We worked in partnership with Standard Chartered Korea to create Young Climate Change Ambassadors (YCCA). This programme trains and empowers Korea’s next generation of leaders in sustainability.


Why does Standard Chartered Korea partner with us?


Enhancing brand

YCCA is building and strengthening relationships amongst decision-makers, influencers and future leaders, worldwide. Through its large-scale engagement, the programme is having a positive impact on Standard Chartered Korea’s brand image. YCCA has also generated extensive media coverage with an estimated PR value of over 1 million US dollars. Coverage has appeared in daily newspapers, Internet portals and environmental trade publications.


Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aims

Standard Chartered Korea has a strong track record in CSR, with the environment a key area of focus. YCCA activities have included public events such as campaigns and seminars, online engagement and social media activities. 

We have linked YCCA with Seeing is Believing, Standard Chartered Korea’s existing project for visually impaired people, to maximise its reach.


Developing and motivating staff

Standard Chartered Korea wanted staff and their families to be actively involved in community efforts and environmentalism. We therefore created Climate Change Monthly Forums – outlets to discuss current issues in climate change – and the YCCA Eco Camp for youth – an opportunity for the children of Standard Chartered Korea staff members to learn about climate change, hands-on. Staff members and their families have also participated in Green Habitat volunteer work and climate change classroom sessions. All of these activities have encouraged them to pay more attention to the environment, and better appreciate the achievements of Standard Chartered Korea's corporate social responsibility efforts.


Accessing our global networks

YCCA has developed and delivered a climate change curriculum for Korean middle and high school students, through a link with the British Council’s global Connecting Classrooms programme. Young Climate Change Ambassadors have trained over 800 students in more than 15 schools in Korea. 

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Connecting Classrooms

Connecting Classrooms encourages teachers and students to exchange ideas and develop classroom-based projects. Connecting them is a dedicated online community closely monitored by us.

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