• Monthly Course / Starts every month
  • Seoul
  • 3 hours once a week for a month


Want to give your career a jump-start? 

Based on real life business scenarios, British Council’s Real Business English course can help you improve your English skills to succeed at your workplace.

Refine your reading, writing, listening as well as speaking skills with the British Council’s Real Business English course.

Moreover, it will help your presentation, discussion and report writing skills.

With this course you will:

  • Improve your fluency and accuracy during business discussions
  • Develop confidence while presenting in front of a large group
  • Express your thoughts and ideas clearly and create a lasting impression at work
  • Collaborate with your colleagues for more productive work related outcomes.
  • Be guided by our certified teachers with detailed feedback for you to reach your specific goals


Course levels

  • A2+ / B1
  • B2+ / C1


Find out about our English levels for adults  and how they support your learning experience and progress.




Euljiro Centre

Couse days


Price (KRW)

Weekend morning class
(One lesson a week, 180 mins)



Weekend afternoon class
(One lesson a week, 180 mins)