The finalists selected for Business and Innovation Award 2022–23 are active in initiating and contributing to innovative or creative new ideas, solutions or business opportunities, that have the potential for growth.

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※ The order is in alphabetical order by name.

Daniel Shin Un Kang (University of Oxford)

CEO & Co-founder, Flowbo

Daniel's mission is to create fair access to capital and opportunities. Currently, he's advancing his mission as the CEO & Co-founder of Flowbo (Y-Combinator S21), a fintech company that provides better financial access to one-person businesses including creators, musicians, and freelancers. Providing financial infrastructure for non-conventional careers will help develop culture and advancement. He continues to invest in the latest technologies and culture as a Limited Partner (LP) and Venture Partner of several funds in the US.

Prior to his Flowbo, he was an investment professional at Softbank Vision Fund working out of Silicon Valley and London focusing on fintech and marketplace investments. He also served a Board Observer of a now-publicly traded company in Germany, and as a Consultant at Oliver Wyman across US, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Yeonjoo La (University of Oxford)

CSO, TissenBioFarm

Yeonjoo is in charge of business development and strategy at TissenBioFarm, a food technology startup developing cell-cultured meat. Without killing animals, cultured meat is a new way of making meat by growing animal cells directly. It is one of the promising climate technologies, as it offers a sustainable way to feed the growing population. TissenBioFarm is a fast-growing company, raising 2.7B KRW within a year of incorporation.

Yeonjoo has been working in the sustainability and food tech sectors since 2016. She is now focusing on solving societal problems with business and technology. She studied MPhil in International Development at the University of Oxford where she honed her skills and knowledge to solve the world’s big problems.

Yoonchang Han (Queen Mary University of London)

Cochl Inc CEO & Co-founder

Yoonchang is a researcher focusing on audio analysis. He is a Co-founder & CEO of Cochl Inc, a deep-tech start-up that makes computers understand any sounds beyond speech recognition, allowing security cameras and IoT devices to understand the surrounding context in real-time, based in Seoul and Silicon Valley. His research unlocked more than £4.5 million in funding from venture capitals and the government, providing solutions for public safety and smart home companies.