The British Council selects only the most qualified and experienced English educators to become teacher trainers. We believe that their qualifications speak for themselves.


Mike Streets

A graduate in English Language and Literature, Mike has been working as a teacher and teacher trainer for 13 years in Slovakia, Australia, and South Korea.

As well as his teaching and managerial duties with the British Council, Mike is also a main course tutor and Cambridge Assessor for the CELTA course, a main course tutor for the Cambridge ICELT course and an IELTS writing and speaking examiner.

In his current Senior Teacher post Mike is responsible for English educational development for teachers in Korea and the development of online and blended teacher training courses.


Soh Young Lee

Soh Young has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer for 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Studies from Bristol University, a PGCE in Primary Education and is currently studying for a Master’s in TESOL from Aston University. 

Soh Young originally started teaching in the UK as a primary school teacher with a specialty in music. She did this for four years, before moving to Japan and the Korea to teach English as a foreign language.

Soh Young has worked at the British Council in Korea for the past five years. Her chief responsibility is the development of  English Language teaching skills for teachers of young learners. She is currently assisting Korean Elementary School teachers develop these skills through the Cambridge ICELT programme and Intensive English Teacher Training Programme (IETTP). 


Sam Dunlop

Sam graduated from Edinburgh University in 1989 with an Master of Arts in History. After working as a reporter at a local newspaper for a year, he decided to become an English teacher and earned his first certification in TEFL from Manchester University. 

Sam has previously worked in Greece, Turkey, Slovakia and Poland, where he took his DELTA. Sam began working for the British Council in Portugal in 1996 and also taught with the British Council in Naples, Italy, for five years before coming to Seoul in 2003. 

Sam took the CELTYL young learner qualification in Seoul to assist him in his Young Learner speciality. He then became a teacher trainer in 2009 where he put this young learner experience to good use, tutoring on IETTP courses for Elementary School teachers.

He has occasionally produced computer artwork for British Council Young Learner Websites and, in his free time, he enjoys cooking and occasionally writing fiction. 


Graeme Givan

Graeme has a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and a Master of Arts in Information Management. He has been teaching for nearly 12 years, eight of which have been spent with the British Council in a number of different locations including Hanoi, St Petersburg, Bogota, Barcelona and here in Seoul.

Graeme returned to Seoul relatively recently as a teacher trainer, after having spent the last four years working in the UK. There he taught Academic English and CELTA teacher training courses at Glasgow University.


Neil Evans

Neil has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer in Japan, the Czech Republic, Poland and for the British Council in Bucharest, Romania gaining teaching qualifications in CELTA and DELTA along the way.

He moved to Korea in 2010 and has worked on a variety of teacher training projects including training Korean Primary School teachers on the IETTP course based at Seoul National University of Education and developing online teacher training courses in partnership with EBS.  Neil has a Bachelor’s degree from Leeds Met University.