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Hugo Glendinning 2015

Friday 09 March 2018 to Sunday 11 March 2018

UK-Korea Arts & Disability: Artists' collaboration & leadership development workshop project focuses on opening new possibilities in disability arts through follwoing collaboration of disabled and non-disabled artists to create contemporary dance production and to develop leadership workshop programme.

UK-Korea Arts & Disability: Artists’ collaboration & leadership development workshop 

Artists' collaboration

  • Co-production of Eun Me Ahn & Candoco Dance Company

Korea’s leading choreographer Eun Me Ahn will be collaborating with Candoco Dance Company. They will be working together for 6 weeks in London for the new work where Eun Me will be choreographing. The performance will be premiered in March 2018 at PyeongChang Cultural Olympiad.

  • Co-production of Marc Brew & Bora Kim 

This collaboration started when Marc Brew visited Seoul in November 2015 for his workshop programme. He met Bora Kim and was drawn to her work and they have ever since talked about how they can collaborate together. Through weeks of research and\ development residency in Seoul, they will create a new work. The performance will be premiered on March 2018 at PyeongChang Cultural Olympiad.

Disability Arts Leadership Development Workshop

The UK Professionals in the field of disability arts will be invited to Korea to do a leadership workshop programme for disabled artists and also an inclusive art workshop for disabled and non-disabled artists.

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Diversity and Inclusion, Theatre and Dance