Monday 21 August 2017 to Sunday 27 August 2017
Art House MOMO, Megabox KINTEX, EBS1TV

The world's only documentary festival with TV broadcasting and cinema screening, EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) has become one of the most prestigious festivals in the world since its launch in 2004 under the theme of 'Challenging Asia'. In this year, EIDF presents four selected works from the UK under two sections: World Showcase and EIDF Focus.

List of UK Films

The Workers Cup | Adam Sobel | 92 mins | 2017

The Workers Cup is a close and personal look inside Qatar’s labour camps, where the football World Cup is being built on the backs of a million-plus migrant workers. By day they sweat to build the World Cup stadium; while by night they compete in a ‘workers welfare’ football tournament, playing in the same stadiums that will one day host the world’s greatest players. We join one team of men from Nepal, India, Ghana, and Kenya whose only common ground is love for football.

Screening schedule
 - EBS 1TV, 18.35 Sat 26 August   
 - arthouse MOMO 1st hall, 14.30 Tue 22 August / 10.00 Wed 23 August
 - MEGABOX KINTEX 5th hall, 14.30 Fri  25 August 

Machine of Human Dreams | Roy Cohen | 76 mins | 2016 

In the last 20 years, Ben Goertzel has developed his A.I. software platform OpenCog with collaborators around the world. Now, Ben has to prove to his HongKongese government funders that he can create a robot that can become truly intelligent.

Screening schedule
 - EBS 1TV, 12.40 Tue 22 August 
 - MEGABOX KINTEX 8th hall, 13.00 Tue 22 August
 - arthouse MOMO 2nd hall, 13.00 Thu 24 August / 10.30 Sun 27 August

David Bowie: The Last Five Years | Francis WHATELY | 90 mins | 2017

There was never anything predictable about David Bowie. Everything he did was designed to intrigue, to challenge, to defy all expectations. David Bowie: The Last Five Years offers a fascinating insight into the creative skill that made Bowie one of the greatest artists of modern times.

Screening schedule
 - EBS 1TV, 21.50 Wed 23 August 
 - arthouse MOMO 2nd hall, 17.30 Thu 24 August
 - MEGOBOX KINTEX 5th hall, 15.30 Sat 26 August 
 ※ The screening on 26 August will be followed by Doc Concert 

Versus: The Life and Films of Ken Loach | Louise OSMOND | 94 mins | 2016

Versus is a funny, provocative and revealing account of the life and career of Ken Loach, one of Britain’s most celebrated and controversial film directors, as he turns eighty and looks back at his extraordinary fifty-year career. Versus is more than just a document of Loach’s work but a playful study on the process and struggles of creating such a unique body of work.

Screening schedule
 - EBS 1TV, 14.40 Sun 27 August
 - arthouse MOMO 2nd hall, 17.30 Tue 22 August
 - arthouse MOMO 1st hall, 10.00 Thu 24 August 
 - MEGABOX KINTEX 8th hall, 15.00 Fri 25 August 

※ Admission fee is 5,000 Won.

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