The UK/Korea 2017–18 Creative Futures engaged 1.2 million people directly with participation by 820 UK and Korean artists and arts professionals and 134 UK and Korean arts organisations.

The season had a strong focus on diversity. It featured a mini-festival of arts and disability to coincide with the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Paralympics and we worked with the British Film Institute on a LGBT film festival in Seoul. Digital innovation was highlighted through a project called Connected City. A project involving Busan and Sheffield won an award in the PLAY category for the inaugural GREAT Innovation in Action Awards. Artists from the whole of the UK contributed to the programme including Akram Khan company, Marc Brew and a creative education project from Scotland, the artist Willie Doherty from Northern Ireland and Music Theatre Wales and National Theatre Wales. Supported by the British Council, Arts Council England and Arts Council Korea created a £1.4 million joint fund to develop artistic talent and collaboration between English and Korean artists, which awarded grants to 21 new arts projects. 

External evaluation of the season demonstrated that it has given UK artists and arts professionals more confidence to work internationally. It is estimated that 57 new connections have been formed between UK and Korean organisations and artists. 

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