Welcome to UK/Korea 2017-18, a UK season in Korea to celebrate and showcase the UK’s innovation and excellence in the arts and creative industries. 

About UK/Korea 2017-18

From February 2017 through to March 2018 the season will showcase the best of UK arts and culture in Korea. Find our more.

Gyeonggi Int'l Ceramic Biennale: Neil Brownsword’s Factory

The winner of the Gyeonggi Int’l Ceramic Biennale 2015, Neil Brownsword will be revisiting and exhibiting his works Factory from 22 April to 28 May!

Atomos by Company Wayne McGregor

‘Atomos’ created by the multi-award-winning British choreographer, Wayne McGregor will be performed on 26 and 27 May.

Special Focus Michael Winterbottom & UK Week in Jeonju

Meet UK’s representative filmmaker, Michael Winterbottom and rising British artists from different genres in Jeonju from 27 April to 14 May!

Ansan Street Arts Festival

Ansan Street Arts Festival celebrates the UK/Korea 2017–18 with the UK artist groups: Whalley Range All Stars and Company Chameleon. Enjoy the festival in the heart of Ansan!

Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival

The 16th Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival with the UK/Korea 2017-18 showcases a performance The Wheel House by Acrojou. Have your own journey with moves!