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myclass student: Jieun Son

The strongest point of myClass is self-motivation.

Regardless of age, job or level, students have the same purpose, and share positive energy among them going through the class together. 

Including student advisors, all of the staff members help students to adjust to classes. All the teachers are passionate, and they always make their classes not too heavy, by creating a positive learning environment which students can mingle easily. There is not a single dull moment. 

If there’s a student who seems to fall behind, teachers always help the student to catch up with the class. Moreover, the teachers are perfectly aware of the structural difference between English and Korean. Therefore they can easily catch what I’m trying to say.

Another great thing about myClass is updated learning materials. Teachers always try to give out some additional learning materials. All of these are very useful to organize my thoughts about the topics. 

The increasing number of students proves that the British Council is trustworthy. For the last several months, all of my learning experiences at the British Council have perfectly met my expectation. As a future immigrant, I’m sure myClass would be a great choice.