Develop your English with this new course for adults!

Who is myClass for

myClass is a flexible way for you to develop your English. With myClass you have more control about what you study and how you progress. You can choose the lessons that best suit your interests and your schedule and choose the pathway to future success. 

myClass is for students at Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels with a focus on the language and skills you need to speak English more confidently e.g. vocabulary, pronunciation and speaking. Every lesson is based on practical English that you can use in the real world such as keeping conversations going, taking part in discussions, giving descriptions of places, telling stories and so on. 

The lessons are organised into themes that are either related to your work, social or everyday life. 

Everyday English

Your lessons focus on authentic everyday English with real life topics and practical language tasks, whatever your language needs. Our emphasis on speaking, pronunciation and listening will help you become a more confident user of English.

 Workplace English

Choose the lessons that will get you ahead in life. Whether looking for a job, being active in a meeting or giving a presentation, there is a clear path to English success in your area of business. 

Social English

Become an active participant in any conversation, whatever the topic. Learn the essential words and phrases to feel more confident talking to and understanding your colleagues and friends, even if they are native speakers.