Monday 05 October 2020 to Saturday 31 October 2020

British Council Young Learners Centre is running the annual Reading Challenge, a programme which aims to encourage children to read more books. This year, the theme is a Bingo genre reading challenge. Mini prizes have been prepared for students who complete lines on their bingo card. Writing competition winners will be selected in each centre.

2020 Bingo Reading Challenge

  • Date: 5–31 October 2020
  • Centre: City Hall / Seocho / Ilsan Young Learner Centre
  • Who: Primary students studying at the British Council Young Learner Centre

What is the Reading Challenge?

The Reading Challenge is a fun and engaging event that challenges our students to read above and beyond what they usually read. 

Encouraged by their teachers, the students have the opportunity to engage with new books that they wouldn’t normally read and to be rewarded for reading them.