An Immersive Exhibition, Nine Earths, by D-fuse

The Korea Foundation and British Council invited applications for a creative commission which will bring together art, science and digital technology and offer innovative, interdisciplinary and collaborative responses to climate change. Among high-quality innovative project proposals, ‘The Daily Rituals: Four Earths’ jointly submitted by ARTEBAH, D-Fuse and Jinjoon Lee (TX lab KAIST) has been selected for the commission and its project outline is as below;

[Project Overview]

‘Daily Rituals: Four Earths’ is a new, collaborative, and interdisciplinary project that explores the relationship between carbon footprint, consumption in people’s daily rituals, and the cultural differences between young people in Korea and the UK.

The project explores and documents daily lives of young people (aged 19–34) in both countries. It then combines the documentation with average young people’s daily consumption activities to create an engaging, poetic, and lyrical story.

‘Daily Rituals: Four Earths’ has two outcomes: one is a new visual ethnographic film, based on the hugely successful British Council commission ‘Nine Earths’ that marked COP26, and the other is a new 3D graphic collage video. These will be tied together by the songs and narration of shamans, known as ‘Jeju Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut’, which was designated as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanities, adding another layer to this interdisciplinary project. Developed in Jeju Island, Korea, an island most impacted by climate change, ‘Jeju Chilmeoridang Yeongdeunggut’ features the awe of nature and relationship between the environment and human. 

To engage large audiences and encourage meaningful discussions about climate change, an installation will be held, which then serves as the focal point for live events (online and on-site).

Metaverse Gallery TEBAH, operated by ARTEBAH
An Installation work, Green Room Garden, by Jinjoon Lee and KAIST TX Lab


ARTEBAH is a cultural art start-up company established in 2020. It is creating sustainable business in the global perspective based on the art branding competency. 

It is operating international art exchanges and urban regeneration projects based on the unification of traditional culture and creative art material. It redefines the uniqueness of tradition, history and culture from the artist’s perspective, and it has been establishing a domestic and international cooperation system. 

Through ‘Daily Rituals : Four Earths’, ARTEBAH redefines the traditional culture of Korea through the perspective of art combined with AI technology and makes the public aware of the nature of climate change, stimulating new perspectives to bring about practical change. 

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D-Fuse is a collective of audiovisual innovators working with environmental storytelling. Founded in 1995 by neurodiverse artist Michael Faulker, D-Fuse boasts unparalleled experience in engaging mainstream audiences with social, ecological, and environmental issues through digital, interactive, and immersive art. D-Fuse has performed and exhibited internationally, including COP26 and British Film Institute (2021), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2005), TriBeCa Film Festival, NYC (2007), Prix Ars Electronica (2009), Mori Art Museum, Japan (2008), among others.

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Dr Jinjoon Lee (TX lab of KAIST) is an artist scholar exploring the liminoid experience of utopian space ideologies with new technologies. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He has mainly transformed familiar landscapes into the new virtual space through collaged video works, and media installations, exploring the boundaries of overlapping worlds such as reality and virtuality, humans and nature, matter and immaterial, analog and digital, and life and death, known as “Liminoid Experience."

He also leads the KAIST TX Creative Media Lab, a laboratory of Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology that studies total experience in art, architecture, design, and future opera using new technologies. The lab is contemplating a method of cooperation by placing humanity at the forefront of the interdisciplinary approaches.

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